Dedicated to Elevating the Industry and FICP

The FICP community is led by an elite group of financial and insurance conference professionals who are committed to FICP’s mission. These consummate professionals can be categorized into four governing bodies: Board of Directors, Hospitality Partner Advisory Committee (HPAC), Standing Committees and Event Teams/Task Forces. From within each of these focused volunteer-led groups, the leaders of this organization ensure that FICP’s goals become a reality.
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of FICP.
HPAC Committee

Hospitality Partner Advisory Committee (HPAC)

The HPAC provides advice and guidance to the Board of Directors on various issues related to the hospitality industry.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees perform a continuing function and operate indefinitely in order to accomplish a key long-term strategic initiative of the organization.
Teams and Task Forces

Event Teams and Working Groups

Event Teams are organized on a project basis with a specific objective of producing an FICP event.

The Executive Director and Chairman of the Board serve as de facto members on all committees, event teams and task forces.