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Sustainability, the Human Connection

Presented April 27, 2023

Join Destination Canada for an intimate fireside discussion on the human element of sustainability. Hear from local community leaders on the work they are doing by sustaining cultural practices, creating a positive impact, and living and providing off the land. Event professionals will leave this program knowing how they can incorporate these cultural and environmental experiences into their programming. This webinar is sponsored by Destination Canada.



  • Jennifer Attersall, Director of Incentive Travel, Destination Canada

  • Graham Dickson, Founder, Arctic Kingdom

  • Ernst Flach, Vice President Destination Marketing, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge

  • Stephanie Crowchild, Founder and Owner, The Eagletail House Society and Stephanie Eagletail Designs

  • Mariana Shackleton, Manager, Business Events, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

CMP-IS: Domain G - Meeting or Event Design

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Attendee Experience - What’s New and What’s Next?

Presented January 26, 2022

Attendee experience is at the top of mind for all meetings professionals as they embark on their events in 2023 and beyond. What new and unique experiences are being offered? What new trends are you looking to incorporate into your events this year? How are meetings professionals approaching the attendee experience design more holistically? Join the FICP community as we discuss designing attendee experiences and trends.



  • Amy Ingalls, CMP, Director, Meetings & Events, Transamerica

  • Taylor Laws, CMP, DMCP, Regional Director of Sales, Destination South Meetings & Events

  • Christina Mirasolo, CMP, CMM, Event Manager, Liberty Mutual

  • Moderated by: Amanda Brennan, CMP, Senior Meeting Planner, Prudential Financial


CMP-IS: Domain G - Meeting or Event Design

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Event Tech Trends – What’s New and What’s Coming

Presented August 12, 2022

Join Will Curran from Endless Events as he dives into event tech trends that are on the horizon. You will leave this session with the trends and tools to take back to your team and implement right away.

During this program, we will discuss such hot trends as:


  • Building a year-long community

  • Collecting data & analytics to deliver a better event ROI

  • Hybrid event technologies to bring together your in-person and virtual audience


CMP-IS: Domain G - Meeting or Event Design

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Where to Look for Future Events: Unique Solutions to Destination Sourcing

Presented June 9, 2022



  • Stephanie Deaton, Vice President, Charter & Incentive Sales, Silversea Cruises, Ltd

  • Ron Gulaskey, AVP, Global Corporate, Incentive & Charter Sales, Celebrity Cruises

  • Freddy Muller, AVP, Global Corporate, Incentive & Charter Sales, Royal Caribbean International


Finding a special and unique destination for an event or an incentive trip is always at the top of mind for meeting professionals. Have you considered taking your next event at sea? Join FICP and Royal Caribbean Group to learn about new trends and destinations with cruising, best practices for cruising, the uniqueness and value of cruising for your event, and much more!

CMP Domain G: Meeting and Event Design

This webinar is sponsored by Royal Caribbean Group.


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Looking Ahead to Live (Part 2): Re-Inventing Your Space and Locations!

Presented April 22, 2022

Moderator: January Cantrell, Director of Meetings and Events, AIG Retirement Services

Panelists: Cathy Diem, Director of Insurance Sales, Hilton Worldwide; Brandi Wallace-Million, Manager of Sales Promotions, Shelter Insurance Companies; Julie Wilson, Assistant Vice President-Meeting & Events, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa<

Planning an in-person meeting in 2022 is much different than it was before. By finding creative ways to utilize outdoor space to navigating venue availability, and much more, planners have been given new challenges to work through when designing the event. Join the FICP Community as we discuss booking trends and best practices, leveraging your meeting space, finding the right venue, and much more.


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Looking Ahead to Live (Part 1): Re-Inventing Your Events!

Presented March 25, 2022

Moderator: January Cantrell, Director of Meetings and Events, AIG Retirement Services

Panelists: Gia DiBenedetto, Global Director, Hyatt Hotels Corporation; Kristal Cardone, Director, Reward & Recognition Events, Liberty Mutual; Jerilyn Johnson, Sr. Meeting & Conference Planner, Sammons Institutional Group

After hosting countless virtual events, many lessons were learned along the way. From content consumption to attendee engagement and how your audience learns best; many of these lessons will help transform and re-invent your upcoming meetings and events. In this webinar, we discuss the valuable lessons we learned from the past few years and how to apply them for your future in-person meetings.


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How Is Sustainability Influencing Face-to-Face Meetings and Program Design?

Presented September 29, 2021

As the industry emerges from the pandemic, sustainability within live events is becoming a hot topic and a top priority with meeting professionals. As we look at the future of in-person meetings, site visits and more, how will this change the way we do business? Panelists discuss:


  1. How are venues adapting to this trend?

  2. Will it become a mandate?

  3. Will planners look at destination selection through a new lens with a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable events?

  4. How can a venue or DMO ensure they are staying abreast of this emerging trend?

  5. How can sustainability be financially feasible for both planners and suppliers?


Webinar sponsored by: Destination Canada


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You Are Not Alone When it Comes to Planning

Presented September 2, 2020
Moderated by: Susannah Frances, CMP, Senior Event Planner, Sun Life
Presented by: Cindy Y. Lo, CEO & Chief Event Strategist, Red Velvet Events, Inc and Taylor Levy, CMP, Regional Director of Sales, Destination South Meetings + Events

As many meeting professionals try to navigate through virtual conferences, hosting in-person events this year or postponing everything until 2021, we want you to know you are not alone! Join a panel of Hospitality Partners, moderated by Susannah Frances (Education Committee Member) as they share how their teams have been working with meeting professionals alike to host the best event possible. Our panelists will provide key takeaways on what their teams have been working on, over the past few months, to follow local and state regulations.
With our industry changing, this provides new opportunities for collaboration and partnership between organizations across the board. Susannah will host an open-discussion with Cindy Lo (Red Velvet Events) and Taylor Levy (Destination South Meetings + Events) on how their collaboration opportunities have grown since COVID-19 and how they’re going to continue to work together.

Key Takeaways:


  1. Learning how to readjust your mind to utilizing your strengths vs. just outright selling your traditional services/products

  2. Leveraging technology so that we can help each other go beyond our normal audience

  3. Being mindful of how we reach out to clients and prospects (because video fatigue is real) and making a more lasting impression through creative and intentional engagement



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All Eyes on Contracting: Force Majeure, Cancellations and More! (Follow Up)

Presented January 29, 2021

Barbara Dunn, Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Lisa Devlin, Devlin Law Firm PC, and Meredith Brewer, New York Life Insurance Company, continue the conversation from FICP: Reimagined. They discuss force majeure, cancellations, and best practices while drafting these clauses. Questions submitted during FICP: Reimagined are also be addressed.


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Show and Tell: In-Person, Hybrid and Virtual Events During a Pandemic

Presented March 26, 2021

Moderated by: Barbara Scofidio, Prevue Meetings & Incentives

Panelists: Sterena Strickland, ACCESS Destination Services; Florence Nalepka, One Smooth Stone; Nuria Candel, Dorchester Collection

FICP put out a call for case studies earlier this year and you responded with examples and ideas that took programs to the next level! A variety of hospitality partners will talk through how their partnership with clients elevated the attendee experience during their programs, including awards, hybrid events and safe in-person experiences. This is not your typical webinar – after hearing from the panelists you will be able to dive deeper into each story and topic through virtual breakout rooms. You’ll leave this program with new ideas and ways to increase your attendee engagement throughout your events, no matter the format.

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The Sustainability Outlook: Food & Beverage

Presented July 30, 2021

When it comes to selecting meeting menus, the choices meeting planners and their catering partners make are vital to the well-being of their attendees, budget and the planet. Sustainable food & beverage requires much more than calculating your carbon footprint. In lies a responsibility for making healthy and safe food choices for a large number of people while also maximizing budgets and minimizing waste.

And while the COVID-19 pandemic enabled a return to more single use packaging and plastic in the short term, sustainability is still an achievable goal to maintain and improve your events.

From incorporating organic products, minimizing transportation, minimizing waste and utilizing registration systems (and even more!), this session will provide key considerations for creating sustainable food and beverage programs for your events as well as resources to assist you.

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Conference Connexity: Delivering on Your Networking Promise

Presented February 26, 2020
Presented by Sarah Michel, CSP, Velvet Chainsaw

Connexity is where community and connecting intersect, the two things your attendees are craving! Meetings need to be in the connexity business–making connections and building communities to become the new town square for your global village. Learn how to transform your live meetings to create “watering holes” where your villagers (attendees) can come to foster “Connexity.” Discover creative ways to deliver on the networking promise that your attendees are wanting but few events are providing.

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Strategic Thinking and Impact

An Economic Outlook for the Events and Hospitality Industry

Friday, June 2



  • Michael Dominguez, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI)r

  • Lori Allen, Vice President, Global Event Operations, MetLife


Join Michael Dominguez, Associated Luxury Hotels International, as he dives into the current economy of the meetings, events, and hospitality industry. You will hear an overview of the current state of the economy and what to expect for the rest of 2023. After the economic update, Michael will be joined by Lori Allen, MetLife, to share the importance of resiliency during these times.



CMP-IS: Domain A - Strategic Planning

The webinar is brought to you by our 2022 Strategic Partners.

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Collaborating With All Partners to Understand Budget Implications

Friday, July 29



  • Clarence Day, CMP, CIS, Director, Group Sales, SLS Baha Mar

  • Nate Horne, Senior Account Executive, L!VE

  • Meghan McSkimming, Executive Manager, National Accounts, MC&A

  • Katrina Kent, CMP, CMM, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual (moderator)


A lot has changed with the return to in-person events. Hotel, production, travel, technology and F&B costs have gone up but budgets are expected to stay the same. Many are finding that being transparent with your partner is key when it comes to your budget expectations. Join the FICP community as we explore:


  • The new norm and what to expect with costs

  • Solutions on how to minimize costs without losing the integrity of the event

  • How to share this information with your stakeholders


CMP-IS: Domain A - Strategic Planning

The webinar is brought to you by our 2022 Strategic Partners.

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Creating a Culture: Understanding the 5 Root Causes of Resignation and How to Proactively Lead for Retention

Presented February 25, 2022
Presented by Tracy LaLonde, Chief Joychiever, Speaker & Author, Joychiever LLC

With the “Great Resignation” looming large, the question for team leaders is “How can we create an environment where our team is motivated to work, stay and prosper?” It’s not that employees don’t want to work. It’s that they want to work at a place that appropriately manages workload and deadlines, enables a feeling of control over their work, and fosters a feeling of meaning and connection to something greater than themselves. Employees want to shift from “surviving the pandemic” to flourishing and thriving in their lives.

Have you introduced or enhanced wellness and well-being benefits and still face challenges with retention? It may be that your organization suffers from systemic leadership and cultural issues that lead to increased burnout, decreased engagement and elevated attrition. The opportunity of a lifetime is before employers to reinvigorate their workforce and empower them in a way that’s never been done before. This session will focus on 5 root causes of attrition and share corresponding best practices to create an ideal environment for greater employee productivity and engagement.

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Building Agility and Controlling Risk in Uncertain Times

Presented October 27, 2021
Presented by: Dr. Dave Williams
CMP-IS Domain C: Risk Management, 1.00 CE

Change is a global force that has brought with it unpredictability and uncertainty that has challenged many organizations. It is how organizations respond to change, how they control risk and they build capacity that determines their agility and ability to succeed. Resilient organizations are based on an environment of continuous learning and vibrant cultures where teamwork thrives.
Dr. Dave Williams will discuss how controlling risk is critical for success in the aerospace and healthcare sectors where he learned lessons from data-driven decision making, speaking up, and working collaboratively benefits many other sectors. The best way to predict the future is to shape it though knowledge and embrace it with agility.
Learn from the experiences of award-winning CEO, Dr. Dave Williams, who has experienced first-hand and successfully led large organizations to thrive in high-stakes environments.


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Peace of Mind for You and Your Attendees

Presented July 31, 2020
Presented by: Desi Whitney, President & Co-Founder and John Whitney IV, CEO, Emergency Conciege International
CMP-IS Domain C: Risk Management, 1.00 CE

It can be hard to keep up with the different state and federal regulations that have been put in place over the past few months. With each state taking their own approach on re-opening, and various individual comfort levels, this can make things even more difficult to plan and prepare for.

In this webinar we will discuss:


  • How to mentally prepare ourselves to host meetings again

  • Conversations to have with stakeholders to support moving forward with meetings

  • Defining your own guidelines and best practices and pushing back on venues to ensure theirs line up with yours

  • How to instill confidence in participants, while understanding their concerned perspectives, when we are able to meet in person again



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Health Security & Hospitality

Presented during FICP 2020 Education Week
June 23, 2020

Moderated by Heidi Carlisle, Second Vice President, Travel, Meetings & Incentives, Aflac; Michael Dominguez, CHSE, President and CEO, Associates Luxury Hotels International (ALHI); Jonathan Spero, M.D., CEO, InHouse Physicians; Liz Warwick, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual; Barbara Dunn, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Ensuring the safety and wellness of attendees is paramount to the return of meetings. Join this panel discussion to hear from those working on business recovery plans and standards for the hospitality and events industry, as well as legal and medical perspectives. Learn your role in building stakeholder and attendee confidence in face to face meetings.

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Health Security and Hospitality 2.0

Presented October 29, 2020

Ensuring the safety and wellness of attendees is paramount to the return of meetings – this has not changed. However, what has changed since we last met in June to connect on our industry? Tune into this panel conversation to hear from those working on business recovery plans and standards for the hospitality and events industry, as well as legal and medical perspectives.

Moderated by Heidi Carlisle, Second Vice President, Travel, Meetings & Incentives, Aflac; Michael Dominguez, CHSE, President and CEO, Associates Luxury Hotels International (ALHI); Jonathan Spero, M.D., CEO, InHouse Physicians; Liz Warwick, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual; Barbara Dunn, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP


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Technology Solutions

The Strategy Behind Pivoting to Virtual

Presented August 28, 2020

Presented by: Koleen M. Roach, Director, Meetings & Conference Management and Angela Wolf, Senior Meetings Management Specialist, Securian Financial Group

The pandemic has completely changed our industry, with in-person event being difficult to plan or needing to be canceled entirely. Because of this, meeting professionals have been tasked with making the pivot to virtual events. However, making this pivot is not as easy as it sounds. Join Angie Wolf and Koleen Roach of Securian Financial as they share the strategy for making the move to virtual, tactics and timing of the programs and learning how to manage the new role you may need to support (no more F&B). They will also be able to share how they selected the right platform for their event and the tips and tricks they learned along the way!


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Your New Normal: High Tech, Low Cost, and DIY

April 30, 2021

So 2021 looks a bit different, eh? As we move forward with our events, staff & budgets may be leaner but the need for moving forward with the technology that supports your events and constituents remains integral. Your skill set in this new normal demands an even better understanding of the tech tools that can get the work done. From easily creating apps for your events and management to automating workflows, from voice interfaces to developing mixed reality, this session shows that the tools to create exceptional tech functionality reside in your hands, and within your budget.

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Are You Digitally Secure?

April 25, 2021

Today’s high profile hacks of major organizations and institutions have increased awareness of the issues of digital security, yet most people are compromising their personal and company’s information on a regular basis. Attendees at this session will better understand the digital risks, and learn to separate truth from hype about how secure their presence is.

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Professional Growth and Personal Development

Business Communications: Managing Difficult Conversations and Expectations

Presented February, 2023

Navigating difficult conversations with peers, partners, and team members can be, well… difficult! In this FICP webinar, we will dive into how handle various ways of communication and expectations while going through scenarios that meetings professionals and hospitality partners face on a regular basis. This workshop will teach you how to successfully navigate difficult conversations that will result in better outcomes for you and the person you are talking to.


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Emotional Intelligence

Presented May 20, 2022

Preethi Fernando, Author and Keynote Speaker

Q may get you going. EQ will set you apart. The more we are connected electronically the less we are connected emotionally. Professionals everywhere are facing burnout, fatigue, and employee disengagement. That need to be “felt” by their company boils down to the emotional intelligence pulse, the “EQ temperature” of a workplace.

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A Focus on You

Presented February 4, 2022

Kristi Allan, CMP, Senior Manager of Events, AllianceBernstein
Elyse Dawson, CMP, DES, Manager, Corporate Events and Conference Centers, Invesco

Did you set a professional resolution for 2022? Kick off the New Year with a focus on you and your professional development! Learn from our presenters, Kristi Allan, CMP and Elyse Dawson, CMP, DES, about their top strategies on how demonstrating your value can propel you forward, time management tips to keep you focused and on task, and much more.

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Effective Leadership: It’s Your Turn

Presented August 27, 2021

Moderator: Lis Chmiel, Key Account Director, IHG
Panelist: Katrina Kent, CMP, CMM, VP Meetings Management & Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual
Panelist: Wayne Robinson, CMP, CMM, Assistant VP of Events, FM Global
Panelist: Kathy Meagher, CMP, CMM, Manager, Meeting Services, Cigna

Learn from a panel of industry peers on impactful experiences that set them up to lead, how collaboration and partnerships have helped them succeed in their job path, and tips for leadership skill development that can be implemented at any stage of your career.

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Chain of Communication: Bridging Confidence and the Future of Meetings

Hosted May 27, 2020

Communicating difficult decisions is never easy. The pandemic - with all its unknowns - makes those having those critical conversations and writing effective emails even more of a challenge. Join Sue Hershkowitz-Coore (SpeakerSue), Tom Foley (Atlantis Paradise), Holeigh Daniel (Aflac) and Brittany Boldizsar (Encore Boston Harbor) as they walk through the chain of communication and what this means to planners and suppliers. You’ll hear fresh ideas and practical tactics to initiate conversations


How About Networking?

Presented December 4, 2020

Did you know it matters which eye to look into while talking to someone to come across as likeable versus authoritative and that there is a formula that can help you have an amazing conversation with just about anyone? Zoom networking has become a part of our new routines and one-on-one video conversations are happening daily, are you maximizing the online time you have with your customers, clients or partners?

Join Myka Meier, etiquette trainer and best-selling author of Business Etiquette Made Easy, to learn how to network like a pro.

Sponsored by Goodman Speakers


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How to Have Difficult Conversations

Presented February 26, 2021

Have you ever had a difficult conversation with a team member or client? Tough conversations are a necessary ingredient in workplace performance, client and colleague relationships and growth. But those conversations are, well…difficult. As such, we tend to avoid them. In this session, we’ll explore what makes these discussions so challenging. You’ll obtain actions you can immediately implement to ease the discomfort of difficult conversations for more transparent communication, improved performance and stronger relationships.


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Be a Homebound Hero

Presented June 6, 2020

Many of us have way more time on our hands than we used to. We like feeling engaged and productive, knowing we’re contributing to our work, community, and extended family. However, many of those commitments have changed. After adjusting to your new normal, you may need some support to accomplish the things you've always wanted to do but never had the time.

This presentation reminds you of those incomplete tasks that you may be tolerating and gives you ways to get things done with your extra time at home so you can live with less stress.


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