Speaker Showcase

Tuesday, November 15

FICP's Speaker Showcase has become one of the most anticipated features of the Annual Conference and offers a sneak peek at three world-class speakers in one venue. Each speaker will follow up on their short keynote with a full-length breakout session to continue their story. Meet our incredible lineup of speakers today.

Kelly McDonald

How to Do Business With People Not Like You

Kelly McDonald, Multicultural Marketing and Business Trends Expert

Represented by Keppler Speakers

Businesses and organizations of every size are focused on diversifying teams and growing business with new perspectives and approaches.  This is especially true in the financial services and insurance industries.  We are all working with people who are “not like us”, whether it’s with our coworkers and teams, or stakeholders and industry partners. People “not like you” takes the language around diversity and broadens it in a meaningful way to capture any way someone can be not like you.

When someone is different from you, friction can arise.  Different people may not see eye-to-eye on an issue.  They may have vastly different approaches to work.  Their communication styles may be very different.  How do you work alongside someone who may be quite different from you, respect those differences and be effective in your role?

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how you can comfortably navigate all the different kinds of people in your organization, team and partner relationships.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Share specific no-cost tactics for how anyone can succeed in today’s workplace without feeling out of control or becoming frustrated by approaches to work that may differ from theirs. 
  • The four key words that will transform how you interact with your colleagues and business associates in tough situations to get the best outcome. 
  • Discuss what to do – and NOT do – when things go wrong.  Learn the 5 words that clients, customers and suppliers want to hear and that work every time.

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Riaz Meghji

Every Conversation Counts: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships

Riaz Meghji, Human Connection Expert

Represented by Speakers' Spotlight

Long before social distancing, loneliness was a pandemic in our society. In an age of polarization, disconnection, and shallow substitutes for real relationships, every professional needs to know how to build and maintain genuine relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Leave this keynote with “Five Habits of Human Connection” that offer practical tools to combat isolation and build deeper relationships.

With years of experience interviewing established leaders in business, entertainment and innovation, audiences will learn how to:

  • Spark real, authentic conversations to make meaningful connections, personally and professionally
  • Earn trust and create new business, as you listen without distraction and make your small talk bigger
  • De-escalate conflict and collaborate effectively by leading with assertive empathy
  • Craft and tell compelling stories that will motivate your audience to take action
  • Explore the questions that create breakthrough moments in any conversation

This engaging experience is a candid and far-ranging look at how creative conversations can help you reinvent yourself, re-energize your brand, and further develop your business.

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Crystal Washington

Imagine the Future of Technology

Crystal Washington, CSP, Technology Strategist and Futurist

Represented by Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau Inc.

Constant technology innovations, Gen Z entering the ranks, and a changing global marketplace were already dramatically impacting the face of the workplace. Then 2020 arrived and the script got flipped upside-down. Technology strategist and futurist Crystal Washington shows leaders how they can thrive now while keeping an eye on the horizon to be ready to ride future waves of change. In this session, you will:

  • Identify the significant ways in which technology is re-programming ‘us’
  • Discover unique ways to embrace technology trends, fortifying your future for the long run
  • Discover how you can train your brain to thirst for tech trends and industry knowledge, and satisfy it with just a few sips per week

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