Keynote Speakers

Sunday, November 12 | 4:00-5:45 p.m.

Seth Mattison


Michelle Poler

Founder, Hello Fears

Represented by Goodman Speakers

Fear Less, Do More

Michelle Poler kept you captivated during this humorous, refreshing and inspiring opening keynote. Through her authentic storytelling style, Michelle shared her story and bold 100 Days Without Fear experience. 

By participating you can now:

  • Identify and capitalize on growth opportunities
  • Thrive during uncertainty and embrace change
  • Redefine failure to push boundaries
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Challenge conformity and the status quo
  • Navigate universal, cultural, and personal fears
  • Cultivate bravery over fearlessness
  • Leverage authenticity to overcome Imposter Syndrome

Michelle Poler is a Latina-Jewish entrepreneur, brand strategist, author and professional keynote speaker.

She is the creator of the project 100 Days Without Fear, and founder of Hello Fears, a movement that has reached over 70 million people worldwide.

Today, her work as an author, digital educator, and social influencer continues to amplify her impact helping audiences turn fears into opportunities, comfort into growth and ultimately go from being one more to becoming one of a kind. Michelle’s best-selling books, Hello, Fears: Crush Your Comfort Zone and Become Who You’re Meant to Be and The Hello, Fears Challenge: A 100-Day Journal for Self-Discovery, have been translated into 7 languages, and distributed in 4 continents.

She has been invited to speak at The Global Leadership Summit, Google, P&G, ESPN, TEDx, Netflix, Microsoft and Meta among many others and her work has been featured in: The TODAY Show, Forbes, CBS, CNN, Buzzfeed, Mashable and the Huffington Post just to name a few.

Michelle holds a master’s degree in branding from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and early in her career, she worked as an art director for brands like Hershey’s, Wendy’s, AT&T and Revlon.

When Michelle is not flying, speaking or indulging in culinary experiences around the world, you’ll find her drinking matcha at home in Miami and living fully with her husband, Adam, and their son, Noah.

Wednesday, November 15 | 8:00-10:15 a.m.


Seth Mattison


Robert X. Fogarty

CEO and Founder, Dear World and Dear

Khatidja Megjhani

Executive Storyteller, Dear World

The PRTRAIT PROCESS: A New Way to See Each Other

Portraits are windows into ourselves. In the latest storytelling method developed by Dear World, Fogarty takes participants on an inspirational journey of self-reflection and aims to show people that the truest and most authentic photographs come from a place of feeling seen, not because of a fancy camera.

Over the course of FICP’s 2023 Annual Conference, Fogarty and Megjhani illustrated the power a camera has to create deeper connection. All meetings professionals and hospitality partners were encouraged to visit the Prtrait Studio to take their very own Prtrait and get behind the camera to photograph their fellow peers. 

Participants got to…

  • Reflect on how they see themselves and set intentions based on their values
  • Learn how to make others feel comfortable
  • Listen to their colleagues stories
  • Discover what makes a beautiful photograph

What started in 2010 as an art project to document people’s love of New Orleans Dear World has grown into an internationally known organization that celebrates people and their stories.

Robert has delivered Dear World’s Brain Tattoo™ Storytelling Method and the PRTRAIT Process™ to some of the world’s top organizations including UBS, Accenture, Genentech, AstraZeneca and the Duke Men’s Basketball Team.

For keynote buyers, Fogarty’s keynotes include a two-hour portrait shoot that replaces the traditional book signing.

He’s also traveled the world working with communities including the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting survivors, Boston marathon bombing survivors, South Sudanese civil liberties activists, COVID ICU nurses and Syrian Refugees.

Robert and Dear World have been featured in media outlets across the globe, including CNN, The Today Show, The Guardian (UK), L’Express (France) and The New York Times. In 2014 and 2016, Robert was the commencement speaker at his alma mater, the University of Oregon.

Khatdija Meghjani is a storyteller with Dear World who has spoken to teams from companies like Avantor Sciences, Eppendorf, and Verizon. Before her time at Dear World, she was a management consultant at BCG and World 50. Being acutely aware of the business challenges that global organizations are facing today, Khatdija’s greatest aspiration as a storyteller is to put the human back into human resources and to truly create authentic places of work for an ever evolving workforce.