Events continue to change – and the value of in-person events continues to increase in their impact on culture, employee retention and revenue enablement. What you do matters more than ever, so it is more important than ever to come together and collaborate on what the future of events will look like.

If you’ve been to an FICP Annual Conference before, you know you can count on FICP to deliver informative sessions on areas that elevate your role as an impactful meetings professional, including Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions and Strategic Thinking & Impact. Also, because FICP is a CMP-Preferred Provider, you’ll have the chance to attend sessions that are pre-approved for CMP credit to maintain or earn your CMP certification.

The education and overall experience at the 2022 FICP Annual Conference will directly impact your success as you revisit every aspect of your upcoming meetings and events.

Areas of Interest

Designed to provide a focused and well-rounded experience, FICP education centers around the following areas of interest:

Meeting and Planning Solutions
Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions:
Sessions will focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of the meetings professional, highlighting best practices, trends, efficiencies and creative ideas.
Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking
Strategic Thinking & Impact:
This area of interest will dive into honing critical thinking skills, developing strong meeting goals and providing a look into the industry now and in the future.
Professional Growth and Personal Development
Professional Growth & Personal Development:
Focusing on brain and physical fitness, productivity tools and more, attendees will emerge as more engaged professionals.
Technology Solutions
Technology Solutions:
Sessions will address two areas: technology to aid meetings professionals and technology to enhance events.
Focus on Senior-Level Professionals
Focus on Senior-Level Professionals:
Designed to guide senior-level professionals, sessions will focus on management skills, corporate navigation, benchmarking and more.
Focus on Emerging Professionals
Focus on Emerging Professionals:
Future leaders will be developed through sessions highlighting professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities.
Financial and Insurance Industry
Financial & Insurance Industry:
Sessions in this category will provide key insights into the Financial and Insurance industry, helping meetings professionals plan for opportunities and potential changes.