Refer. Repeat. Reward.

Your affiliation with FICP is important to you. But is it important enough to share? We think so. In an effort to empower YOU to share the value FICP has brought to your career, we’re proud to offer the FICP Referral Program.

The 2023 FICP Referral Program closed on October 31. Details on the 2024 program will be released soon.

What's in It for You?

Both meetings professionals and hospitality partners are eligible to participate in the Referral Program. The top-referring participants will be recognized in a variety of ways, including onsite recognition at events and guaranteed attendance at the Annual Conference.

How Does It Work?

A new member must list the referring individual’s name on their membership application for the referrer to receive point(s).

Referrers will be awarded referral points by:

  • Referring a new meetings professional member from a company that is currently represented in the FICP membership: 1 point
  • Referring a new meetings professional member from a company that is not currently represented in the FICP membership: 5 points*
  • If a referred meetings professional member who joined in 2022 renews their membership in 2023, the referrer receives 2 points
  • If a new meetings professional member is referred by more than one individual, the eligible points are divided among the referrers.

*A new company is defined as “a company that has not held any FICP meetings professional membership within the last 12 months.”

Award for Hospitality Partners

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The five hospitality partners with the most referral points at the conclusion of the Referral Program will receive: 

  • One entry to the 2023 Annual Conference or a 2024 FICP event of their choice. The entry fee is the responsibility of the hospitality partner.
  • Recognition on the walk-in and walk-out slides and general session acknowledgement at the 2023 Annual Conference.

In addition, the hospitality partner with the single most referral points at the conclusion of the Referral Program will receive:

  • Recognition in FICP’s e-newsletter, ThePlanner.
  • An invitation to the Chair’s Reception at the 2023 Annual Conference.


Award for Meetings Professionals

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The five meetings professionals with the most referral points at the conclusion of the Referral Program will receive: 

  • A complimentary membership for the 2024 calendar year.

In addition, the meetings professional with the single-most referral points at the conclusion of the Referral Program will receive:

  • Free registration to the 2023 Annual Conference or a 2024 FICP event of their choice.
  • Invitation to the Chair Reception at the 2023 Annual Conference.

Tips for Recruiting and Referring

Start reaching out to your network to share the benefits of FICP membership.

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  • Send an email invitation to your network
  • Share the benefits of membership with your peers
  • Add a link to the FICP website to your emails
  • Forward ThePlanner to a potential member
  • Post or re-share FICP announcements on your social media channels
  • Share this informative infographic
  • Take a meetings professional friend for coffee to talk about FICP
  • Consider inviting non-member meetings professionals to attend an FICP event

Referral Program Rules

Review the program rules to ensure you earn points for your referral efforts.

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  • If a new member joined after July 1, 2022, they received 18-month membership and was automatically renewed for 2023. Therefore, the referrer is not eligible to receive additional points.
  • Referral Program winners will be announced in November 2023. Quarterly updates will be posted to TheNetwork
  • Referrals under the corporate flat-rate membership program are not eligible. 
  • Any new financial and/or insurance meetings professional individual referred after October 31, 2023, will count toward the 2024 Referral Program, which is subject to change annually. 
  • Recruitment efforts must be accomplished by the referring individual. Referring on someone else’s behalf, enlisting FICP staff or asking other hospitality partners or meetings professionals to assist in the recruiting while utilizing your name is prohibited.
  • The referral prize is not transferable to other individuals within the company, anyone at another company or a representative of the company.
  • New meetings professional members who do not indicate a referring party when submitting their application will not be considered.
  • The purpose of the Referral Program is to build a strong FICP membership base. Hospitality partners and meetings professionals may not pay for another meetings professional members’ dues, as experience has shown they are unlikely to engage in the community. Additionally, this is inconsistent with FICP’s ethical guidelines.
  • TheNetwork online member community directory will be used as the official record for member companies. Companies can be searched within the current member list, and past member companies are listed.

Questions regarding the Referral Program? Please contact