Get Buy-In to Join FICP

FICP membership can be an invaluable resource if you are looking to hone your expertise, stay on top of industry trends, expand your professional network and gain insights into planning exceptional meetings and events. If you are looking to gain your company’s support for an FICP membership, utilize the following resources to make your case.

Where to Start?

Your primary goal is to show your company’s decision-makers that FICP membership is an investment in you, your professional development and the value that you can bring to the company. You can do this in four easy steps:

  1. Develop a proposal that lists the top member benefits that would be especially helpful for your professional development; select from the ‘Who Are You Speaking To?’ menu, below, and include the provided key messages in your proposal
  2. List the online and/or in-person events that you are interested in attending and what you hope to take away from them
  3. Showcase the more than 600 hospitality partners part of FICP who are indispensable connections for meetings professionals to build strategic relationships with and execute flawless meetings and events
  4. Schedule a meeting with the decision maker and share why FICP membership is important to you and beneficial for the company as a whole

Key Messages to Include in Your Pitch

Ready to Make Your Pitch? We're Here to Help!

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