Connect and Grow With Fellow Rising Professionals

Launched in 2024, the Rising Professionals Community is a dynamic space on TheNetwork — FICP's online community — that is dedicated to fostering growth, collaboration and success among rising professionals. There, you'll discover valuable resources, engaging discussions and a network of like-minded individuals — all committed to excelling in their careers.

This community is open to FICP meetings professionals and hospitality partners with less than 10 years of industry experience.

Here are some of the highlights of the online community:

  • Live Feed: Headed to an event and want to meet up with your peers? Something catch your attention? Connect socially with fellow rising professionals.
  • Discussions: Looking for specific information related to your growth, job or career? Start a discussion or pose a question to the community.
  • Resource Library: Access a variety of resources curated for this community including book, podcast, industry newsletter recommendations and career advice from strategic leaders.
  • Events: Explore all upcoming FICP events.
  • Members: View the directory of other rising professionals. Connect with them one on one.

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