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2020 FICP Education Week was a one-of-a-kind virtual event that showcased valuable resources from FICP's extensive library, thoughtful insights from industry leaders, and created opportunities to connect with meetings professionals and hospitality partners. FICP members can log in to TheNetwork to watch recordings of webinars presented during Education Week.

Health Security and Hospitality
Presented on June 23, 2020




CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic Planning, 1 CE

Moderated by Heidi Carlisle, Second Vice President, Travel, Meetings & Incentives, Aflac; Michael Dominguez, CHSE, President and CEO, Associates Luxury Hotels International (ALHI); Jonathan Spero, M.D., CEO, InHouse Physicians; Liz Warwick, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual; Barbara Dunn, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Ensuring the safety and wellness of attendees is paramount to the return of meetings. Join this panel discussion to hear from those working on business recovery plans and standards for the hospitality and events industry, as well as legal and medical perspectives. Learn your role in building stakeholder and attendee confidence in face to face meetings.

A Taste of the Truth: The Top Myths of Wine
Presented on June 24, 2020




We love wine, we know wine… or do we? Go grab your favorite bottle of wine or whatever you prefer to drink  and come hang out with Sandi Lucchesi, certified wine sommelier and international wine consultant. Sandi will share her love and knowledge of wine with us and also debunk what we all think we know about wine!

FICP Chats: Revisiting 2020 and the Outlook for the Rest of the Year
Presented on June 25, 2020

CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic Planning, 1 CE

Moderated by Jennifer Squeglia, CMP, FICP Board of Directors

Things are changing daily, and as North America re-opens it is time to think what the fall will look like for meetings and events. This follow up to the FICP Chats session held on May 7 will cover the following topics:

  • When will we, our colleagues/employees and, our attendees feel safe to travel again?
  • What factors - such as air lift, state re-opening guidelines, and venue status - are influencing decisions to meet or not meet?
  • What info is helpful to Meetings Professionals and Stakeholders who are making these tough decisions?

FICP Chats are discussion-based sessions focused on peer to peer learning. Attendees will be broken into small groups for the majority of the time, re-grouping at the end to share themes and takeaways. This discussion is open to FICP members and hospitality partners.

CSR Activity: Virtual Education for Children in Need - From Our Homes to Theirs
Presented on June 25, 2020

The content gap (especially the lack of interesting content) is a challenge for many young students that need to be engaged with fresh educational material during this challenging time. Thematical areas such as STEM, computer education, and soft skills are especially needed. How can you help? FICP members and hospitality partners are challenged to create educational content at home through a short video; this content will be reviewed and delivered to teachers and families to share with their students and children. Sample videos, topics, how to submit your video and all the other details you need can be found here. During the virtual event, we will talk about the status and importance of virtual education at this time and will hold a competition featuring the top five submitted educational videos! 

Mallory Brown | Walk A Mile: The Empathy Experience
Represented by: Eagles Talent

Presented on June 26, 2020

The current state of the world has left us feeling vulnerable and disconnected.  With the COVID-19 pandemic and recent anti-racism protests, what is left of hope and human connection?  How can we proceed with empathy and compassion when we feel more divided than ever?  During Mallory’s keynote, you’ll embark on a journey around the globe to hear incredible stories of humanity. From the grasslands of Tanzania to underground tunnels in the US, you’ll step into the shoes of others to understand how connected we all are.

As a humanitarian filmmaker, Mallory teaches how empathy builds better communities, breaks down barriers of diversity, and creates unity during times of crisis. Through personal stories, heartfelt motivation, and key action steps, Mallory will renew your sense of connectedness.  In these challenging times, her message is more powerful than ever.  Be prepared to open your heart, expand your soul, and join together in solidarity and strength.

Mallory teaches organizations how they can leverage empathy to:

  • Build a better community
  • Embrace diversity
  • Break down barriers in the workplace
  • Increase employee happiness
  • Empower every individual to make an impact

About Mallory:
Mallory Brown is an impact storyteller. She travels the world to tell real-life stories of human connection. Her goal is to connect audiences to incredible causes and provide a direct means to help. At the age of 33, Mallory has explored over 50 countries and pioneered a new, engaging form of philanthropy. Her story inspires others to live a passionate, generous, and global life. In eight years of storytelling, Mallory has helped thousands of generous donors directly reach people in need. She speaks to audiences across the globe about the power of empathy and how one individual can truly make a difference in the world. Her efforts have been featured by the Today Show, The New York Times, Crain’s Detroit Business, the Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Mallory was born and raised in Michigan, graduated from Albion College, and currently lives on the edge of Detroit.

Dr. Marc Milstein | Creating Happy and Healthy Workplaces and Employees in Our Current Times
Represented by: Eagles Talent
Presented on June 26, 2020

For many people their daily routines, work environment and work/life balance has dramatically changed.  In this unprecedented and stressful time, we cannot lose sight on the need to optimize happiness.   

In fact, two recently published studies uncovered that happiness boosts mental and physical wellness, productivity and lifespan. Not only is a happy employee approximately 12 to 25% more productive but this directly relates to thousands of dollars in lost productivity per year per employee.  Furthermore, chronic stress and feelings of isolation can wreak havoc on mental and immune health.  

So how do we make people happy, especially in our work from home and virtual environment?  Sometimes the things we think are going to make us happier, do not in fact make us any happier.

Brain science is uncovering, the surprising secrets to boosting happiness and productivity in ourselves and those around us.  Interestingly, the answer is not just money.  Instead the solutions are found in how your brain really works and creating healthy environments, actionable wellness tips and work life balance.  Discover the scientifically proven, surprising and actionable ways to boost happiness, productivity, health and wellness.

You will learn:

  • Actionable steps to boost happiness and health in employees and managers when we can and cannot be together.
  • How to optimize mental and physical health in a work from home environment.
  • How to lessen the effects of feeling isolated on health and happiness.    
  • Effective stress management techniques.
  • Three simple but effective things to do everyday to keep your mental and immune health strong.
  • Quick tips to master sleep to boost happiness and energy.
  • A scientifically proven practice to increase resilience and lessen burnout.

About Marc:
Dr. Marc Milstein specializes in taking the leading science research on human health and presents it in a way that entertains, educates and empowers his audience to live better. His presentations provide science based solutions to keep the brain healthy, boost productivity and maximize longevity. He earned both his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and his Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UCLA. Dr. Milstein has conducted research on topics including genetics, cancer biology, neuroscience, and infectious disease and his work has been published in multiple scientific journals. Dr. Milstein has been quoted breaking down and analyzing the latest research in popular press such as USA Today, Huffington Post and Weight Watchers Magazine. Dr. Milstein can also be seen on TV's "Dr. Oz" show explaining the latest science breakthroughs that improve our life.

Jesse LeBeau | The Attitude Advantage: Turning Obstacles Into Assets
Represented by: Keppler Speakers
Presented on June 26, 2020

Jesse’s authentic approach to this topic leads to major breakthroughs helping those with a broken mindset finally flip the switch to get out of their own way so they can achieve true greatness. Jesse’s highly entertaining and interactive style creates an engaging experience helping audiences to understand how their unique personal story is their greatest untapped resource.   

With this session you will learn how to:

  • Achieve higher goals
  • Increase productivity 
  • Build trust and confidence 
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Increase positive impact

About Jesse:
Growing up as an undersized and over-matched basketball player on a remote Alaskan island with no roads or stores, Jesse LeBeau was overlooked and underestimated, constantly feeling like he had to prove himself. At a young age, Jesse developed a love for sports, particularly basketball. However, at 5’8” Jesse had nearly every odd stacked against him. Despite his size and circumstances, he managed to rise above it all and became a name in the world of street ball, regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours. Playing under the nickname ‘Spin Cycle’ he has had the opportunity to be coached by Matt Barnes, Chauncey Billups, and Dennis Rodman to name a few. He later made it to the big screen in Hollywood in the Warner Brother’s film “Thunderstruck” starring NBA All-Star Kevin Durant and starred on the Emmy nominated TV sitcom “This Just In”. Currently, he plays himself on ‘The LeBeau Show’, a reality series that allows viewers to follow Jesse around the country to see firsthand the major impact he is having on youth, particularly troubled teens. His empowering story of triumph encourages anybody at any age to think of themselves, and how they can turn their biggest weaknesses into their greatest strengths. “Jesse is living proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything is possible.” – Allen Iverson

2020 FICP Education Week Emcee: Jon Petz

Jon Petz is a tech entrepreneur and former corporate sales and marketing executive. Combine that with a business magician who has performed around the world and author that has hit the business best-sellers list twice (Boring Meetings Suck & Significance In Simple Moments) and the result is the uniqueness of unequivocal energy of Jon Petz. Whether it’s his focus on performance mindset, deeper client and team engagement, customer surprise & delight, or fueling growth at all organizational levels you have the perfect trifecta of performance mindset, inspiration and entertainment as your FICP emcee. Some may remember Jon as the event emcee of the FICP Annual Conference in 2019, where he delighted us with his unique connection, expertise as an event professional and ability to keep us all engaged throughout the week. If not there, you may have seen him on NBC, ABC, FOX, Food Channel or featured in the WSJ, USA Today, Success or even Costco Magazine. Jon is a Keynote speaker on performance yet also has expertise as an event producer and expansive list of conferences in which he acts as host or emcee such as: Hollywood Celebrity Shoot, Scripps National Spelling Bee, Make-A-Wish Big Wish Gala and multiple national sales meetings.