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Can't make it to an FICP in-person event? Do you need to find solutions "right now"? Find tips and tricks as well as thoughtful insights throughout our many resources available to meetings professional members and hospitality partners anytime.

Webinars are an FICP member and hospitality partner benefit designed to provide you with tangible skills, resources and best practices from experts across the industry. Many webinars are approved for CMP credit. Contact with questions.

The voices of FICP thought-leaders are in your pocket with FICP Anytime podcasts. Tune in on your communte, while walking the dog or doing the dishes for expert-led conversations anytime

FICP Shorts
On FICP's YouTube channel, you have on-demand access to the full library of FICP Shorts, brief videos featuring relevant take-aways from popular sessions at FICP events. Check out some of the latest:

TheBlog houses timely educational resources, FICP news and thought leadership from industry experts - volunteers from within the FICP community, committee members and the board of directors! As industry experts and current meetings and events professionals, their perspective on important subjects such as food and beverage, emerging technology or strategic thinking, can provide you with valuable insight! 

Education Essentials
FICP delivers a robust collection of tips and resources on a different topic, right to your inbox, with the Education Essentials newsletter. Read past editions of Education Essentials on TheBlog:

Years of FICP resources and the vast knowledge and experience of our meetings professional and hospitality partner community can be found in TheNetwork. Members and partners can use your login to:

  • Search for member or hospitality partner contact information within the full FICP membership list, updated each month
  • Interact with various online groups
  • Browse featured resources 

Speaker Showcase
FICP members can log into TheNetwork to watch the On-Demand Speaker Showcase preview videos as well as the three live presentations from 2020 FICP Education Week and then take the survey to share their impression on each speaker.

Resource Bundles
These bundles are compilations of webinar recordings, videos, TheBlog posts, and other resources found in TheNetwork that you can use as a roadmap on the topics of wellness, remote work and virtual teams, and designations and certifications.