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FICP's vision is to amplify the positive impact and value of financial services and insurance industry meetings and events professionals. One way we do that is by conducting and participating in industry research that arms you with data to show the value of the work you do to your organization as well as the entire industry. 

Featuring data on trends impacting both meetings professionals and hospitality partners within the FICP community, FICP’s Pulse Survey is intended to provide timely and relevant information to those across the meetings and events industry. Meetings professionals and hospitality partners are invited to take the quarterly survey to share their experiences on trends and conditions impacting their work.

Spring 2019

published September 2019

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Q4 2018

published March 2019

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Q2 2018

published July 2018

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Q1 2018

published February 2018

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Q3 2017

published October 2017

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Q2 2017

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In fall 2018, FICP, along with Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) and Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) released the first joint study of the global incentive travel industry. Incentive Travel Industry Index Powered by SITE Index, IRF Outlook and FICP is a landmark for the industry, providing unprecedented, consolidated insights into the current state of incentive travel and where it is headed. 

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1st Pan-Industry Survey of Incentive Travel, by Pádraic Gilligan
Incentive Travel – The Search for Higher Purpose, by Pádraic Gilligan
5 Takeaways from the 2018 Incentive Travel Industry Index

Events Industry Council Research

FICP is a proud member of the Events Industry Council (EIC) and serves on the Research Committee that produces these studies. 

2016 Global Economic Significance of Business Events 

In November 2018, EIC released the final results of the first-ever worldwide study on the economic significance of face-to-face business events. Read FICP's blog post for a high-level overview of the findings.  

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2018 Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy

The 2016 Economic Significance Study showed that events supported a total economic impact of:

  • $845 billion of output (business sales)
  • 5.9 million jobs with $249 billion of labor income
  • $446 billion of GDP (representing contribution to US gross domestic product)
  • $104 billion of federal, state and local taxes

The meetings sector supported more direct jobs than many large manufacturing sectors, including machinery, food, auto, and chemicals. It sustained more jobs than the telecommunications and oil and gas extraction industries as well.

Meetings also generated $325 billion of direct spending, including:

$167 billion to plan and produce meetings;
$120 billion for meetings travel; and,
$38 billion of other direct spending, such as spending by exhibitors.

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