Learn With FICP


Designed to provide a focused and well-rounded experience, FICP education centers around seven areas of interest:

Meeting Planning Solutions: Sessions will focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of the meeting professional, highlighting best practices, efficiencies and creative ideas.
Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking: This area of interest will dive into changes in the marketplace, providing a look into the industry now and in the future.
Professional Growth and Personal Development: Focusing on brain and physical fitness, productivity tools and more, attendees will emerge as more engaged professionals.
Technology Solutions: Sessions will address two areas: technology to aid meeting planners and technology to enhance events.
Focus on Senior Level Professionals: Designed to guide senior level professionals, sessions will focus on management skills, corporate navigation, reverse mentorship and more.
Focus on Emerging Professionals: Future leaders will be developed through sessions highlighting professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities.
Financial and Insurance Industry: Sessions in this category will provide key insights into the Financial and Insurance industry, helping meetings professionals plan for opportunities and potential changes.