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Resource Bundles

There are limitless resources in the FICP library that will add value to your professional impact and enhance your personal growth. But where to start? These bundles are compilations of webinar recordings, videos, TheBlog posts, and other resources found in TheNetwork that you can use as a roadmap.


Remote Work
& Virtual Teams

& Certifications


Education Essentials

  • Focus on Wellness (2020): This edition of Education Essentials focused on both personal and professional wellness, with tips and resources to help you lessen the effects of stress, stay mindful, and more.
  • Reflecting on Wellness (2019): In this edition of Education Essentials, we arm you with strategies for being your best, suggestions of incorporating wellness into your next meeting, and tips to maintain your own health along the way. 

FICP Anytime Webinars and FICP Shorts

Resouces in TheNetwork

Remote Work & Virtual Teams

Conversations in TheNetwork

  • Are you looking for a tool to support your virtual team? Or have a recommendation to share? Jump into this conversation on helpful tools for remote workers.
  • Keep your virtual team’s energy and moral high with these great suggestions. Chime in on this discussion about virtual teambuilding with your own success stories so others can learn from you too!
  • How have your meetings professionals' roles changed in the virtual environment? Do you thing these changes will be long-lasting or short-term? Share your thoughts on the evolving event planner role
  • Remote work shines a light on the importance of work-life balance and setting boundaries at home, including designated work hours. Let's help each other out by sharing our best self-care tips


  • Organized Audrey to the rescue! Her helpful resources will ensure that you don't miss a beat when working and leading from home.

Now What?

If you’re up to speed on remote work and teams, tune into these conversations regarding virtual events on TheNetwork:

Designations and Certifications

FICP Resources

  • Obtain an Industry Certification: Earning a professional industry certification means recognition of attaining the highest standard of professionalism in the industry. FICP is committed to helping meetings professionals and hospitality partners in the process of attaining credentials. FICP’s website has a comprehensive preview of some of the many certifications and educational opportunities for professional development.
  • CMP Center: Did you know that FICP is a CMP Preferred Provider? Visit FICP’s CMP Center for more information on how we can help you along your CMP journey.
    • Stay tuned for an exciting FICP offering to support and hold you accountable while studying for your CMP!

On-Demand Resources