Share Your FICP Pride

FICP wishes to express our thanks to our hospitality partners who continue to generously support our association throughout the year. We encourage hospitality partners to make reference of their support of FICP in their promotions. However, we would like to clarify certain guidelines on the use of FICP's logo, any inference of endorsement by the organization and membership status.

Only meetings professionals are considered "FICP Members" as per the membership definition set out in the association's bylaws. Hospitality partners are asked to refrain from identifying themselves as "FICP Members."

Hospitality partners may, with FICP's prior written consent, use the hospitality partner logo for promotional purposes.

FICP's name and logo should not be used in any promotional materials without FICP's prior written consent. In addition, mention of FICP in any informational or promotional material or correspondence should not imply, by reasonable standards, the opinion that FICP has given an endorsement. In requesting permission, please state the reason, scope and method of use for the FICP name or logo. Permission is subject to board approval and approval will be granted only for the specific purpose stated. Use without permission may result in the revocation of status within the organization and all benefits or obligations thereto.

Please contact the FICP Community Manager to request permission, or if you have any questions.