FICP's In-Person Events Are Where Relationships Are Formed

The premier opportunities for hospitality partners to develop relationships and their book of business are at FICP's in-person events.

Known for high-quality education and networking, each FICP in-person event brings together a balanced ratio of partners to meetings professionals — unique to the industry — to learn from and connect with each other.

Only qualified and approved hospitality partners who secure sponsorship can attend an FICP in-person event, and each sponsorship sales process is highly competitive.

What to Know as a Sponsor

  • Only active FICP hospitality partners are permitted to apply for sponsorship and attend FICP events. The fee to become a hospitality partner for 2024 is $435.
  • Hospitality partners must secure sponsorship in order to attend an FICP event.
  • FICP offers hospitality partnerships to individuals, not companies. Hospitality partnerships are not transferable among colleagues at any point throughout the year.
  • Alternatively, sponsorships are secured at the company level. Only one company and its subsidiaries and/or brands may be represented under a sponsorship. You must be an employee of the sponsoring company and an active FICP hospitality partner to attend an event under that company’s sponsorship.
  • Note: Destination Marketing Organizations and Independent Representatives may not include member/affiliated companies under their sponsorship.
  • Each company/brand may only secure one sponsorship.

View the full event participation terms and conditions.

RFP Opportunities

FICP posts RFPs for various service needs throughout the year and when available. For all inquiries, please email Ellie Hurley for further information.