Speaker Showcase

Tuesday, November 16

FICP’s Speaker Showcase has become one of the most anticipated features of the Annual Conference, and offers a sneak peek at three world-class speakers in one venue. This year, you’ll have the pleasure of hearing from Brett Culp, filmmaker who documents the positivity of the human experience, Jeanette Bronée, performance, culture and well-being expert and Ryan Leak, executive coach and author. Each speaker will follow up their short keynote with a full-length breakout session to continue their story.

Brett CulpADAPT

Superhero Leadership: How Everyday People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact

Brett Culp, Filmmaker Who Documents the Positivity of the Human Experience

Represented by Keppler Speakers

Leadership starts with the ability to look at every challenge - even the mundane tasks - as an opportunity to make a positive impact.

In this high-energy keynote, Brett shares powerful stories from his filmmaking adventures of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things.  He demonstrates how everyone has the opportunity and capacity to embrace leadership and make an impact. By learning to see themselves as leaders contributing to a noble, shared vision, attendees will feel empowered to bring greater confidence and enthusiasm to their everyday tasks.

This shift in perspective ignites the heroic spirit in audiences, equipping them to bring the truest, most powerful view of themselves to every aspect of their work and life.

About Brett

Brett is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of the not-for-profit, The Rising Heroes Project. He is known for the films, Legends of the Knight, and his latest, Look to the Sky, both of which explore the power of heroic stories and heroic individuals. His films are featured on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, and other top digital platforms.

Through his groundbreaking non-profit documentary work, Brett has pioneered the art of creating “mini-movements” that inspire the super-human spirit in us all. His unique approach to community-building and relationship-driven engagement invite people to connect with a noble vision and make a difference together.

Jeanette BroneeNOURISH

Power-Pausing: The Key to Rethinking Self-Care & Unlocking a High-Performance Culture Where People Connect and Work Better, Together

Jeanette Bronée, Wellbeing Culture & Performance Strategist, CEO & Founder of Path for Life®

Represented by Goodman Speakers

In our modern world, we tend to race against time every day at work to perform at our best and we might think of self-care as a treat, something we do after work to recover instead of how we work better, together. Most of us try to hack time by abandoning ourselves, our core human needs, and our self-care to keep up, but what if that's not just how we burn out but also how we lose out on our human potential?

In this session, we will discuss how Power-Pausing is essential for unstressing and working better by understanding how our human behavior can work either for us or against us. We will explore how The Self-Care Mindset® is the foundation for cultivating both personal and professional success, without the burnout, and grow a healthy culture where HR means human relationships that reach all the way to our customers. 

Key takeaways:

  • How rethinking self-care is the key to high performance
  • Why mindset comes before habits
  • How to not only use our mind better with Power-Pausing but protect it from exhaustion, stress, burnout and poor performance behaviors
  • How Power-Pausing helps us build better connection, communication, collaboration and with that a Culture of Care®
  • How putting self-care at the core of a wellbeing culture is how we take better care of our customers, not just ourselves and our people
  • The Self-Care Mindset® toolbox, a way to think, engage, and act with care for everyone

About Jeanette

Jeanette helps people and companies bridge the wellness gap between a high-performance culture and burnout prevention. By rethinking self-care and its impact on what drives us as human beings, she redefines resilience and mental health, so that we can foster a healthy culture and empower our most important resource at work, our humanity.

She teaches how to shift from operating on survival mode to The Self-Care Mindset® so that we can create better results and sustainable success by cultivating a Culture of Care®.

In 2004, after 20 years in fashion-business, she founded Path for Life® to create awareness around how we can do great work, without giving up our health or our personal joy. She’s certified as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Integrative Functional Nutritionist & Meta-Medicine Health Coach, Felt Sense Focusing Teacher and Hypno-Therapist.

Ryan Leak


Chasing Failure

Ryan Leak, Executive Coach and Author

Represented by Rave Speakers & Entertainment

We are only born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Everything else we fear was learned at some point in our life. And the one that derails careers, goals, and dreams the most, is the fear of failure. Since our adolescent years, we’ve been taught to steer away from failure at all costs, but what if failure was actually what we needed to succeed? The common denominator of every person we look up to, admire, or follow is that they have all failed at one point in their life. So why would we run away from the very thing that made them who they are? Through Ryan Leak’s journey of chasing his NBA dream and his encounter with the 5-time champion, Kobe Bryant, Chasing Failure will help you and your team get back to the place of dreaming again, with no limitations. Individuals and teams that perform the best are the ones that aren’t afraid to take risks. The distance between dreams and realities is often intimidating, but all it requires is a willingness to fail and get it wrong on the path to getting it right.

Ryan’s chasing failure journey has led him to work with C-suite executives and professional athletes. And what he’s learned about some of the top performers in the world is that they’re not waiting for someone else to come and help them get past their setbacks and failures. Top performers in every industry figure out a way to solve problems and lead themselves. This is why Ryan teaches self-leadership, where his audience leaves with 8 questions they can be asking themselves to lead themselves to be top performers.

About Ryan

When was the last time you said yes to an opportunity that you knew might fail? How polished is your talk track for why you shouldn’t take that leap of faith? And what has fear ultimately cost you? It is time to stand in the face of fear and know that these are the exact moments in life where you can rise to be your best self. So, ask yourself, “What would I do, if I knew I could not fail?” This is the question that leadership expert Ryan Leak is asking of leaders in Fortune 500s, all-stars in the NBA and over 50,000 people that he reaches monthly through his keynotes. Ryan shares the blueprint for Chasing Failure, rather than running from it, and ultimately achieving your biggest goals and dreams.

Ryan Leak is a sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator, and author with deep domain expertise in empowering leaders to reclaim responsibility for leadership and followership in the workplace by designing and delivering a new version of self-leadership that starts with self-awareness.