Sunday, November 10, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Ben Nemtin

Represented by: Goodman Speakers

5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible

CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

Ben Nemtin is on a mission to achieve the unthinkable. From playing basketball with President Obama to streaking a soccer field, from raising over $400,000 for charity to placing a record-breaking $250,000 bet on roulette—Ben’s bucket list quest has inspired millions to strive for greatness. Ben weaves the compelling story of how The Buried Life grew from 100 impossible dreams scribbled on a piece of paper into a global movement of millions and skillfully connects his story to the fabric of our daily lives.

Ben’s message of radical possibility combined with his ‘5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible’ leaves audiences not only inspired but also equipped to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. Ben’s system of achieving any impossible goal demystifies daunting tasks and turns ‘dreams’ into ‘projects’ by creating a digestible pathway to success. Mediocre is crowded, raise your bar and surprise yourself.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why prioritizing personal goals is vital to your well-being, the well-being of those around you and your career
  • How to unbury your dreams and keep them unburied
  • Identifying the most important dream in your life and taking actionable steps toward it
  • Identifying the #1 thing that holds people back from accomplishing their dreams
  • How to accomplish seemingly impossible goals
  • Identifying the #1 regret people have at the end of their life and ensuring you do not have the same regret

About Ben

Ben Nemtin is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?, the star of the MTV show “The Buried Life,” and an internationally renowned keynote speaker. As the co-founder of The Buried Life movement, Ben’s message of radical possibility has been featured in major media including The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC News, and more. Oprah Winfrey called Ben’s life work “truly inspiring.” He shows audiences how to dream bigger, achieve more and energizes them to unbury the life they want. Ben delivers a high-octane message that motivates people to shake off mediocrity, live up to their greatness and give back to others.

Monday, November 11, 8:45 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Al Chiaradonna

I Now Pronounce You Work and Life

CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

“I was once the guy who missed countless family Thanksgiving dinners and my own surprise birthday party because I prioritized work and career above all else. Unaware I was headed down a path that would only lead to a lifetime of regret, it took a moment of disruption and 4 words from my wife to alter the course of my future permanently. I have since devoted my life to creating a journey of personalized growth, which promotes a simple philosophy that, at its core, is the integration of (or marriage between) life and work.” 

Al Chiaradonna is a self-proclaimed “Minister of Integration”. While he is not an actual minister, he is a husband, a dad, a coach, a friend and a business executive who has spent the last two decades trying to make his way in the world by “marrying” life and work. To him, it’s not a balance of one over the other, but rather a limitless set of experiences that have afforded him a career designed to enable the life he is blessed to lead.

About Al

When Al Chiaradonna looked in the mirror on his graduation day, all he thought was “I need to get to work.” By the age of 22, he had lost both of his parents and felt paralyzed by fear that he only had himself to rely on and it was time go to work.  

Thirty years later, Al is on the executive management team for leading financial services firm, SEI Investments, and serves as an adjunct professor for Villanova University’s Executive MBA program. At Villanova, Al teaches leadership and executive coaching courses, including a course called Managing Yourself and Your Career.  It’s a topic that he is passionate about it. 

A lot of personal and professional experiences occurred between these two time periods in Al’s life. Al helped manage businesses ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar enterprises and he has shaped strategies for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He has spoken all over the globe on topics ranging from industry dynamics and global talent management to leadership, business strategy and work-life integration. As an active member of his community, Al sits on the school board of Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary School, as well as AIM Academy and is co-founder of the non-profit organization, Project Gumball. Along the way he met and married the love of his life and together they have three beautiful children. 

Wednesday, November 13, 9:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Kindra Hall

Represented by: Premiere Speakers Bureau

The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling

CMP -IS Domain: Domain I: Marketing

The shift from a transactional economy to a connected one has people scrambling; when surveyed, companies admit they believe a substantial portion of their revenue is under threat as a result. Businesses, brands, sales forces, marketing teams and leaders at all levels are desperately trying to capture attention and resonate with consumers who expect more. Is there a secret weapon? A silver bullet to humanize and connect? Yes. The answer is strategic storytelling.

The problem? In its rapid rise in popularity, “storytelling” has been reduced to in-actionable jargon. Every day businesses and individuals miss critical opportunities to connect with their elusive audiences in powerful and profitable ways because they lack a storytelling skill. Until now.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the psychology behind strategic storytelling—to fully take advantage of it 
  • Gain clarity on what a story actually is—a nuance lost in the sensationalism of the word 
  • Learn how to access the unlimited supply of stories within each brand and/or individual 
  • Discover the biggest storytelling mistake and how to avoid it 
  • Breakdown the 3 Step Storytelling Process 
  • Study the anatomy of a fail-proof story for maximum impact 
  • Determine the many opportunities for telling the stories for results

About Kindra

Kindra Hall is President and Chief Storytelling Officer at Steller Collective, a consulting firm focused on the strategic application of storytelling to today's communication challenges. Kindra is one of the most sought after keynote speakers trusted by global brands to deliver presentations and trainings that inspire teams and individuals to better communicate the value of their company, their products and their individuality through strategic storytelling.

What began as a storytelling assignment in 5th grade, grew into a passion for not only telling stories, but a mastery for teaching others the methods and science of storytelling so they can better tell their own.

She was a National Champion storyteller (yes, they have those), member of the Board of Directors of the National Storytelling Network and has her master's degree in communications where she conducted original research studying the role of storytelling in defining and revealing organizational culture.

Kindra is a former Director of Marketing and VP of Sales. Today, Kindra's work can be seen at, and as a contributing editor for SUCCESS Magazine. Kindra's message spans all industries and her clients include Facebook, Hilton Hotels, Tyson Foods, Target, Berkshire Hathaway and the Harvard Medical School. Her much anticipated book will be released by Harper Leadership in the fall of 2019.