Below are the breakout sessions we’ve planned based on our initial understanding of your education needs and the current environment. As the situation evolves, we may adjust this line up as the event draws closer. Please check back regularly for updates.

Monday, November 15 | 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Meeting and Planning Solutions Adapting Your Live Event Programs for Data Privacy, Contingency Planning and Staffing
Area of Interest: Technology Solutions; Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Speakers: Kelli Dawson, Implementation Consultant, Enterprise Professional Services, Cvent; Susie Molinich, Senior Account Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Cvent

The financial services and insurance industry has had to rethink how their events strategy accommodates virtual, in-person and hybrid formats while navigating changing guidelines for on-site safety, social distancing and travel. During this session, we will discuss industry trends and challenges as well as new insights from Forrester that show these changes are likely here to stay. Key trends to discuss will include:

  • Using event technology to manage new privacy and data security needs for virtual and hybrid events
  • Navigating the long-term impacts of virtual and hybrid events on your total events program
  • Adapting Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) programs directed for contingency planning in 2021 and beyond
Meeting and Planning Solutions FICP Chat LIVE! Reconfiguring Housing and Specs, Transportation and Incentives With 2020 Hindsight
Area of Interest: Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Facilitators: Jennifer C. Squeglia, CMP, Independent Contractor, Boston PrivateKelly Bishop, CMP, CMM, Director of Leadership, Sponsorship and Customer Programs, Meeting and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  Planning an in-person meeting looks and feels differently these days. While some enhancements are temporary, many protocols remain to guarantee safety and viability of an experience. What do these safety protocols look like for our partners? How will these changes affect costs and budget? Tune into this FICP Chat LIVE! to address three key areas:  reconfiguring event housing and specs, transportation and off-site events, and incentive programs. Each group will report key takeaways to determine top considerations and how to prepare accordingly.
Technology Solutions Gear Up: Risk and Compliance "Must Knows" as You Contract Your Next Event
Area of Interest: Strategic Thinking & Impact
CMP -IS Domain: Domain B: Project Management
Speaker: Joshua L. Grimes, Esq., Grimes Law Offices LLC
  COVID-19 and the subsequent event cancellations placed more emphasis and importance on the contracting process than ever. Vetting emerging technology partners and additional reviews through internal teams created layers of complexity over the last year-and-a-half as meetings professionals and hospitality partners worked together to comply with strict rules and guidelines. Where do we go from here? Join Joshua L. Grimes, Esq. as he shares everything you need to know about cancellation clauses, credits, escrow accounts, third-party risk, compliance and more while you gear up for your next big event.
Leading the Pack: How a Culture of Learning Puts You Ahead
Areas of Interest: Focus on Senior Level Professionals, Focus on Emerging Professionals
CMP-IS Domain E: Human Resources
Speaker: Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SCP, CVP, Company Culture Trainer & Consultant

Whether you are a seasoned or emerging meetings professional, if you’re a people leader all eyes are on you.  It is predicted that when the COVID-19 “dust settles” there will be a mass exodus of employees based on how employers reacted during the pandemic. Every industry, including the financial and insurance sector, is affected. Why not create a team culture that keeps your employees happy, productive and loyal so they’ll stay?

Attendees will learn what a Culture of Learning is, why it’s of critical value to your team and organization, and the seven ingredients to create and sustain it. A strong Culture of Learning equals reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, loyal and engaged employees who promote and demonstrate their strategic value at their companies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the definition and purpose of a Culture of Learning
  • Discuss how to develop pre and post-program measurements
  • Describe the seven ingredients necessary for its success

Monday, November 15 | 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Focus On Senior Level Professionals

Accounting for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) During the Planning Process
Area of Interest: Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Panelists: Victoria De La Garza, CMP, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Events, NEXT Financial Group; Raquel “Rocky” Dufauchard, Director, National Accounts, New Orleans & CompanySherri Lindenberg, Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications, Crump Life Insurance ServicesWilliam Adams, National Sales Manager of Destination Group Sales, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
Moderated by Melissa Lamson, Executive Partner, Lead with DEI

  From speaker and venue selection to event promotions and content delivery, meetings professionals and their partners must approach each aspect of the event design process with DEI in mind. Our programs and experiences must meet the unique needs of the diverse audiences we serve. Tune into a panel of your peers as DEI expert, Melissa Lamson, leads a strategic conversation around building inclusive and equitable environments that celebrate diversity. Leave with tips for leading inclusive conversations and design processes for your future events.
FICP Chat LIVE! Expanding Your Team's Talent Pool and Skills to Address the Changing Role of Meetings Professionals
Area of Interest: Focus on Senior Level Professionals, Professional Growth & Personal Development
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources
Facilitators: Jennifer C. Squeglia, CMP, Independent Contractor, Boston PrivateKelly Bishop, CMP, CMM, Director of Leadership, Sponsorship and Customer Programs, Meeting and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  The roles of meetings professionals and industry partners are changing; has your team embraced the subsequent opportunity? Expanding your talent pool allows for new perspectives, especially from different industries or geographic locations, and is an opportunity to embrace and maximize change. Once hired, it’s critical to set these professionals up for success and prep them to be agile and growth oriented. Join this session to hear how your peers are recruiting new talent, redirecting current talent and developing their skills to remain relevant in today’s market. 
From Hell to Challah: Rising From Fragile to Fearless, One Grain at a Time
Area of Interest: Professional Growth & Personal Development
Speaker: Shari Wallack, President, Buy The Sea
  What do you do when the world is caving in on you? Join Shari Wallack as she shares her zany journey from fragile to fearless by traveling for 95 days during the COVID pandemic following a brief stay in a mental hospital. Don’t miss your opportunity to navigate this exciting and unusual voyage of self-discovery and healing.  
Professional Growth and Personal Development Sustainable Meetings: The New Expectation
Area of Interest: Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning
  The popular buzzword, sustainability, has evolved from a suggestion to an expectation within the events industry. Pre-pandemic, the discussion ranged from eliminating food waste to thoughtful giveaways. Now, the conversation includes concerns about the return of single-use products, our carbon footprint, air quality and more. This session will equip you with new resources for your sustainability toolkit and peer reflection on how events can be sustainable in a post-pandemic world. Walk away feeling empowered to engage your stakeholders and strategic partners with the latest research data and develop your own recommendations for incorporating sustainability into your programs.
Professional Growth and Personal Development Technology Tools and Trends Driving Engagement, Collaboration and Innovation
Area of Interest: Technology Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Speakers: Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein, Endless Events; Brandt Krueger, Technical Producer and Consultant
  We all have a new appreciation for the power (and limitations!) of technology. From pivoting in-person events to virtual experiences and utilizing new platforms to connect with colleagues and partners, the events industry leaned on technology to keep business moving forward. What tools will move beyond temporary solution to become assets to meetings professionals moving forward? What tech tools and trends are on the horizon and how do you leverage them effectively? Get the inside scoop during this session!

Tuesday, November 16 | 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Destination Trends and Best Practices
Area of Interest: Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Sponsored by: Destination Canada
Speakers: Rutger Hoorn, CIS, CITP, DES, Vice President Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Ovation Global & TBS
Moderated by Jennifer Attersall, CIS, Director, Incentive Travel, Destination Canada
  Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, aligning our proposed destinations with the needs and objectives of the business event has never been more important. Your role as meeting professional is to stay informed on destination restrictions, emerging participant trends and new properties, but you are not alone. Join our panelists as they discuss what to watch for when developing proposals, communicating to stakeholders, contracting space and how to strategically approach future events both domestic and internationally with your hospitality partners.
Financial and Insurance Industry Onsite Risk Factors to Consider in the “New Normal”
Area of Interest: Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain C: Risk Management
Speaker: Desi Whitney, President & Co-Founder, Emergency Concierge International
  Given recent events, there is a new expectation for meetings professionals and attendees alike to prioritize safety and use good judgement. Yet, just when we think we’ve figured it all out, a new guideline or best practice emerges. Now is the time to team together and discuss what the future of on-site risk looks like and how we can balance the “new” risk with the “old” risks that never really went away. Leave with a better understanding of how much time you should dedicate to each.
Ingredients for Managing Expectations and Generating Executive Buy-in
Area of Interest: Professional Growth & Personal Development
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources
Speaker: Melissa Lamson, Executive Partner, Lead with DEI
  Effective leaders are not limited by a position or rank. Are you a seen as a strategic asset to your colleagues and executives? Have you communicated and set expectations with your stakeholders? Taking accountability and initiative will get you noticed and generate credibility when educating your executives on timely data, budget limitations, hybrid solutions and more. Join an expert and your peers to discuss tactics to increase your strategic communication skills, and ultimately, your impact.
Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking SHIFT: Emerging and Creative Ideas to Reinvent Your Meetings
Area of Interest: Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Speaker: Chris Gasbarro, Owner and President, Ember

Some of you may think "SHIFT" is a bad word. Yet, it is more important than ever to think differently about how we craft events. Shame on us if we don't find opportunities, big or small, to shift the design, creativity and execution of the virtual and in-person events we produce… especially as live events reemerge and we have a permission slip to experiment and move away from “last year’s agenda worked fine.” Our responsibility to the participant is MASSIVE. Join this interactive session that will feature ideas, techniques and challenges to think differently and take calculated risks within your organization's meeting and event experiences.

This session is all about being proactive, SHIFTING the way you meet to maximize ROI and enhancing the attendee experience to remain relevant and capture the attention. Learning objectives include:

  • Take a self-assessment to see if your organization’s meeting and events are at risk
  • Gain an increased understanding of your attendee and your responsibility to them
  • Receive 10 new crowd sourced ideas from your peers during the session and another dozen great ideas to start incorporating into your organization to help you SHIFT
Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking Virtual Is Here to Stay — How Are You Evolving Events, Site Visits, Remote Teams and More?
Area of Interest: Technology Solutions, Meeting Planning Trends & Solutions
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Facilitators: Jenna Jorge, President, Goodman SpeakersLindsay Berding, CMP, Senior Meeting & Events Planner, Western & Southern Financial Group
  While the return of in-person events is expected and welcomed, the convenience of virtual connection components is here to stay. What virtual best practices will you and your company embrace moving forward — virtual site visits, retreats and smaller meetings? How have you set expectations for hybrid teams and virtual engagements, and do they influence your strategy while planning in-person experiences? Get involved in the conversation and participate in this Fishbowl activity with your peers. Prefer to just absorb the conversation? That’s okay too! Hear what your peers are learning, how it affects the bottom line and what virtual assets are most valuable moving forward.

Speaker: John Cashion, Corporate Director, Culture Transformation, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

CMP-IS Domain E: Human Resources

To create customer loyalty, you must first elevate the customer experience. This journey focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of creating a culture where personalized and impressive service is the norm. Learning will continue as you are taken through The Ritz-Carlton methods for fulfilling unexpressed wishes and needs, learning to stay-in-the-moment, and creating personalized experiences that surprise and delight. You will also discover and discuss the critical skills necessary for authentic customer engagement, and how to foster them in your employees.
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