Monday, November 11 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Focus On Senior Level ProfessionalsBuilding Inclusive Meetings & Events 
Idea Exchange 
Facilitator: Pam Schrock, CMP, CMM, Senior Manager, Meeting & Events, Transamerica
CMP -IS Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

Building an inclusive event can be seen as a challenge or an opportunity. It starts with the diversity of the team and partners with whom you will plan the meeting, and leads into understanding your company’s culture and demographics of potential event participants. In this idea exchange, work through ideas on how to build a diverse team, lead efforts centered around inclusivity and direct programs that appeal to both current and new audiences.

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentFocus On Emerging ProfessionalsCMP 101 
Speaker: Liz Dombrowski, Certification Manager, Events Industry Council 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

It’s crucial for candidates for CMP certification to understand the importance of the CMP exam and to prepare adequately. While the exam is rigorous and comprehensive, many candidates tell us that having an understanding of the testing process and a plan for study have helped them be successful when they sit for the exam. Join Liz Dombrowski for a session to review the full CMP experience. In addition to a review of the eligibility requirements, this session will focus on the exam day experience, from the check-in process to the computer-based testing, as well as receiving and interpreting your final exam results.

Technology SolutionsDo More with Less: The Rise of Free & Low Cost Web Tools 
Speaker: Corbin Ball, Owner, Corbin Ball & Co. 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

Advances in web technology are driving costs down for a wide range of event planning, tradeshow management and communication tools for meeting planners and suppliers including registration, exhibit floor plan management, booth design, electronic ticketing, polling, collaboration tools, communication tools, mobile apps and much, much more. This session will explore the causes and cover dozens of free or low cost web applications to increase productivity and reduce costs. In this session you will understand the drivers that are cutting costs, receive dozens of new ideas, tools and links to free or very low cost applications you can start using today. Attendees will also learn precautions to take – are there cases where getting something for nothing is too good to be true?

Financial and Insurance IndustryExceeding Executive Expectations ​

Moderated by: Sherri Lindenberg, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Crump and Joy Seijas, Executive Director, Global Head of Events, Oliver Wyman 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain F: Stakeholder Management

Understanding the mindset of our stakeholders will not only help us create events that have an impact, but also streamline the planning process. Dive into the factors that matter most to the executive group at your company and walk away with tips on how to focus on setting objectives for your meeting with the client, how to communicate your role (and their role) in the meeting, and how you can anticipate their needs and exceed expectations.

Meeting and Planning SolutionsSpeakers and Entertainment 411 
Facilitated by: Kendra Heredia, Marketing Manager, NORCAL Group
Idea Exchange 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Join the discussion and share ideas on the best speakers and entertainment you have booked or experienced, at all budget levels. Do you get stuck on expensive riders? Not sure what type of speaker will resonate with your audience? This session will also provide an opportunity for attendees to bring their questions and challenges to a solution-building roundtable of peers.

Meeting and Planning SolutionsWeird is Good: Embrace Creative Risk
Speaker: Dianne Devitt, President, DND Consulting
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

You might be familiar with the slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” Born out of an effort to support independent business owners, it has also been a trademark stance for being authentic, unique and creative. In this session, learn how to hone your creative skills for business to develop more impactful meetings and events.

The People Leader: Focus on Your Team
Speaker: Michael Dominguez, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels International (AHLI)
Leadership is not only about the things you do, but the people you impact. Join Mike Dominguez as he walks attendees through a series of exercises centered around leading your team. You will learn basic behavioral science in relation to the workforce, take away tips for designing motivational techniques that address the Five Fears we all share, and understand why strategy and culture go hand in hand.

Tuesday, November 12 | 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentFinancial and Insurance IndustryGenerically Specific: Social Media & Thought Leadership for Financial and Insurance Professionals
Speakers: Meg D’Angelo, Meeting & Event Planning, Elena French, VP of Corporate Communications & Kirk Wilson, Content Marketing and Social Media, Lincoln Financial Group
CMP -IS Domain: Domain I: Marketing

A common challenge that financial & insurance meetings professionals face is how to use social media in a conservative organizational culture. We want to be creative and showcase the great work we are doing, but company policy sometimes prevents names, logos, or event specifics to be shared. Learn how you can still contribute content and highlight experiences your team has created. This session will include tips on seeking approval from your organization including justification for inclusion, what to include in a social media policy for your participants and your own team and more.

Fear, Play and Creative Expression
Speaker: Dianne Devitt, President, DND Consulting
CMP -IS Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

Taking inspiration from the best-selling book, Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten, this hands-on session has few rules:  play nice with others, share, participate, have fun, create, be open, trust yourself and let your mind express itself. Experiencing speed-thinking for creative exercises, participating in improvisational storytelling and using your imagination to set your thoughts free is required. Don’t let fear stop you from jumping in!

Focus On Senior Level ProfessionalsFlexible Work Culture: The New Normal
Idea Exchange
Facilitated by: Heidi Carlisle, Second Vice President, Travel, Meetings & Incentives, Aflac
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

“Work from Home” is no longer a taboo. In fact, many companies are embracing a flexible work culture to create happier employees and a new normal for collaboration. When you are managing a team that features all or some remote workers, what best practices can you implement to ensure service excellence? This session will offer tools for the manager of the team and tips that can be shared with the remote worker, including how to take a casual environment and make it professional.

Meeting and Planning SolutionsFood, Risk & Liability: More than Menu Planning
Speaker: Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC, thrive! meetings & events
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Every good meeting professional knows to plan around food allergies and dietary restrictions. It’s good business, but it’s also the law. In this session, we will review some recents court cases to understand / define our legal duty of care as it relates to menu planning, discover food-related laws that impact our menu planning, and learn how to mitigate risk with best practices. You will be able understand to whom do I owe a legal duty of care? Am I meeting it? And what is the risk for failing to do so?

Meeting and Planning SolutionsFrom the Field: Risk Management in Action
Moderated by: Koleen Roach, Director, Meetings & Conference Management, Securian Financial
Speakers: Ben Tutt, General Manager, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel; Judith Andujar, Senior Sales Manager, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel
CMP -IS Domain: Domain C: Risk Management

By now you have heard about the importance of having a risk management plan, but how are the meetings and hospitality industry organizations actually implementing it in the event of an emergency? Get inspired after listening to how Puerto Rico-based hospitality professionals managed through Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster to affect the islands in recorded history. This case study will show the real life application of risk management plans, the pitfalls, the opportunities, the empathy, and the outcomes that resulted.

Meeting Trends and Strategic ThinkingFrom the Ballroom to the Boardroom
Speakers: Christy Lamagna, author, The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals
CMP -IS Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

Organizations divide their employees into two teams; those who make money and those who spend it. Those who contribute to the bottom line enjoy greater financial compensation, recognition, opportunities and influence. Most companies view event budgets as expenditures which contributes to why many planners feel disenfranchised. For as long as events are produced with a goal of executing logistics flawlessly that shall remain our station in the professional world.

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentFocus On Emerging ProfessionalsSpeak Up: The Importance of Presentation Skills in Your Career 
Speaker: Michael Dominguez, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels International 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

Having the confidence to stand up in front of the room or at the table and present your ideas comes with practice. Learn tips to expand your role through presentation skills, not just on a stage, but in the room with your stakeholders. Hear from those who have worked to develop their skills and the outcomes they have seen. This session contains updated information from the session at the 2019 Education Forum of the same name.

Tuesday, November 12th | 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Technology SolutionsChatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Your Event
Speaker: Paul Bills, Director of Chatbot Design, Mobile Coach 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Are you considering a chatbot for your next event? Have you heard the phrase and wonder what it’s all about? Join this session to hear about chatbots and other AI that are disrupting the events industry through technology. Customer service, attendee communications, and response time expectations are all changing with the development of these chat channels. Learn how these technologies can integrate with your mobile apps and registration systems for a seamless process, as well as what questions to ask before you get on board.

Focus On Senior Level ProfessionalsDeveloping your Team into Rock Star Meetings Professionals
Speaker: Crystal Neubauer, Assistant Vice President, Cambridge Investments, Inc.
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

Helping your team become stronger meetings professionals not only helps them in their professional development goals, it helps you build an enduring department that delivers amazing results for your organization. This session will tie the domains from the CMP back to professional development opportunities you might focus on for your team members, as well as highlights how they can demonstrate value to your organization.

Financial and Insurance IndustryFinancial Services Roundtable (meetings professionals only)
Facilitated by: Jaime Coffey, Account Manager, Meeting & Event Services, EY
Idea Exchange
CMP -IS Domain: Domain F: Stakeholder Management

This roundtable discussion is geared towards meetings professionals who work within the financial services space. Build your network within the greater FICP community by attending this session focused on compliance and the regulatory environment, how mergers and acquisitions can impact your work, leveraging internal relationship management teams, tracking ROI and more.

Meeting and Planning SolutionsStart from Scratch: Updating Event Agendas with Your Participants in Mind
CMP -IS Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

When was the last time you went into your annual meeting planning with a blank piece of paper instead of last year’s schedule of events in your hand? Consider feedback from past events and adult learning principles when looking at the makeup of your meetings. The benefits of shorter sessions, reflection time, and leaving time to breathe will be discussed. This session will also cover surprise elements that can be added to your schedule to keep attendees engaged.

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentStaying Healthy on the Road
Idea Exchange
Facilitated by: Karin Ponte, Senior Event Planner, Liberty Mutual
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

Whether we’re grabbing dinner at the airport a couple times a week or out late with clients at a networking event, meeting professionals and hospitality partners face a challenge when it comes to staying healthy on the road. Learn some tips and tricks to implement, such as helpful apps to track wellness, meditation exercises to keep balanced, and foods to avoid. All tips are ones you can easily implement into communications with your own meeting participants.

Meeting Trends and Strategic ThinkingThe State of Incentive Travel
FICP Panel
Moderated by: Jennifer Squeglia, Independent Contractor, Boston Private, Katina Athanasiou, Chief Sales Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line, Laurie Fitzgerald, Allstate Insurance Company and Victoria De La Garza, Director of Corporate Events, NEXT Financial Group 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain A: Strategic Planning

In 2018, Site, IRF and FICP launched an industry survey of incentive travel. During this panel, participants will discuss the themes and results of the second year of the study and how to communicate and apply the findings to your own organization.

Meeting Trends and Strategic ThinkingStrategic Planning Hands-On Workshop
Speaker: Christy Lamagna, author, The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals

Stop by and start creating a strategic plan for your organization. Learn how to create a Master Strategies Calendar®, create a costs loss document to demonstrate the value of having a seat at the table or create your own Strategic Content Creation Plan® utilizing the Law of Seven. If you aren’t familiar with these concepts but know you want to work smarter not harder and increase your influence, impact and earning potential, this is the place to be!

Tuesday, November 12th | 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM | Speaker Showcase Breakout Sessions 

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentComposing Your World
Speaker: Kai Kight 
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

Why do some people just play notes they are handed while others write new music in the world? In his captivating presentation, violinist Kai Kight will tackle this question, perform original music and share the inspiring story of how he became an innovative composer in a field of conformity. This session will leave you feeling inspired to take your future into your own hands and bring your unique ideas forward.

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentThe Lens of Life: Perspective Changes Everything
Speaker: John O’Leary
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

What if you learned that the lens through which you view the world each day is out of focus? That could mean that the challenges you perceive today may be massive opportunities you recognize tomorrow – but you’ll never know unless your lens is adjusted. As a nine-yearold, John O’Leary was burned on 100% of his body. That experience, and the remarkable support of his family, healthcare team, and community, forged within him insights on how to rise above challenges, see unexpected opportunities and thrive in all areas of life. In this unforgettable session, John unwraps the gift you possess to view challenge as opportunity, to choose freedom over control, and to serve others instead of yourself. John illustrates how an askew vision alters everything – from what you view, hear, and internalize – which ultimately colors your professional and personal outcomes.

Professional Growth and Personal DevelopmentPurpose Inspired Leadership
Speaker: Roy Spence
CMP -IS Domain: Domain E: Human Resources

The organizations and leaders who will create the future will all have one characteristic in common: they will be ‘Purpose Inspired.’ In today’s world of hyper-connectivity, people are feeling more disconnected from themselves and their core Purpose than ever before. Roy Spence, CEO and co-founder of The Purpose Institute, has made it his life’s journey to discover and bring to life the path to purpose and higher calling for individuals and organizations. In this session, he will share his key ingredients to finding purpose in your life and your life’s work; an energizing and powerful force to counter chaos and divisiveness, foster innovation and a culture of fulfillment and alignment.

Areas of Interest

Designed to provide a focused and well-rounded experience, FICP education centers around the following areas of interest:

Meeting and Planning Solutions
Meeting Planning Solutions: Sessions will focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of the meetings professional, highlighting best practices, efficiencies and creative ideas.



Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking: This area of interest will dive into changes in the marketplace, providing a look into the industry now and in the future.



Professional Growth and Personal Development Professional Growth and Personal Development: Focusing on brain and physical fitness, productivity tools and more, attendees will emerge as more engaged professionals.



Technology Solutions Technology Solutions: Sessions will address two areas: technology to aid meeting planners and technology to enhance events.



Focus On Senior Level Professionals Focus on Senior Level Professionals: Designed to guide senior level professionals, sessions will focus on management skills, corporate navigation, reverse mentorship and more.



Focus On Emerging Professionals Focus on Emerging Professionals: Future leaders will be developed through sessions highlighting professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities.



Financial and Insurance Industry Financial and Insurance Industry: Sessions in this category will provide key insights into the Financial and Insurance industry, helping meetings professionals plan for opportunities and potential changes. 

Speaker: John Cashion, Corporate Director, Culture Transformation, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

CMP-IS Domain E: Human Resources

To create customer loyalty, you must first elevate the customer experience. This journey focuses on the emotional and psychological aspects of creating a culture where personalized and impressive service is the norm. Learning will continue as you are taken through The Ritz-Carlton methods for fulfilling unexpressed wishes and needs, learning to stay-in-the-moment, and creating personalized experiences that surprise and delight. You will also discover and discuss the critical skills necessary for authentic customer engagement, and how to foster them in your employees.
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