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Brad Montgomery

Brad Montgomery teaches people to use meaningfulness and engagement to boost productivity, creativity, innovation and profits. Oh, and he’s pretty funny. Brad has transformed audiences in all 50 states and on four continents. His clients include Microsoft, Verizon, The FBI (yes, that FBI) the CIA (yes, that CIA) and the IRS (where he withheld 30% of his best strategies.) Brad specializes in using humor, sound, music and visuals to ignite audiences so that they can get more out of themselves , and improve their lives and their jobs. Other speakers TALK about engagement, but Brad SHOWS his audience how to harness the power of their own awesomeness in hands-on experiences that they’ll remember, and implement. It’s the difference between a “speech” and an “event.”

Brad graduated from Brown University, and has earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation, which is the highest earned award from the National Speakers Association. (Fewer than 7% of speakers worldwide have earned the CSP.) He was inducted to the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, which is a big deal. Like an Oscar, but without the movie stars. Brad lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife and three kids. Although he is proud of his many awards and national credits, he’s convinced that his best feats so far are his kids.


Motivation Embrace Your Awesomeness

Monday, June 26, 1:15 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Your teams need to be told they are awesome, be empowered to do their best, understand they personally make a difference and be told that their potential is greater than they think. In this dynamic program, learn how to lead or contribute to a team that is more productive, more creative and more responsible than the current state. Brad’s takeaways will help you deliver better customer service (both internal and external), take ownership, and take personal responsibility for moving your work, your organizations, and your clients forward.

Robb Zbierski


Robb Zbierski (Zuh- BURR-ski) is a professional speaker, trainer and coach with Freedom Personal Development. Working with companies across a broad spectrum of industries, Robb helps clients develop professional skills and positive mindsets that let them discover their potential and maximize their results. Robb's purpose is to inject excitement into everything he does. This purpose provides Robb the means to guide others (and himself) to become more effective in what they do while enjoying every minute of doing it. Because when you can more effectively accomplish the things you feel like you NEED to do, it lets you have way more fun when it comes time to doing the things you WANT to do! With a history of success in Product Management and Sales and Marketing roles within the Outdoor, Bicycle and Fitness (aka "Passion Pursuit") industries, Robb was notorious for bringing fun to the forefront while also encouraging people to embrace their passion and energy to get the job done.

An avid endurance athlete, fisherman and beer enthusiast, Robb has completed the infamous Triple Bypass bike ride, the Chicago Marathon and is in the midst of a multiple decade run of never getting skunked on his annual fishing trip. Robb currently lives with his wife (Kate) and their twins (Effie and Charlie) in Arlington Heights, IL. 


Discovering Your Memory Power

Tuesday, June 27, 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Putting together an impactful event demands that you remember a wealth of information including conversation details, statistics, prospect details, procedures, market data, lists, and most importantly, NAMES!  A simple slip of the mind can result in thousands of lost dollars in revenue and credibility. This unique and interactive program is a memory course that expands your ability to recall the information you need to effectively manage multiple aspects of your business, how to deliver a knockout presentation and much more by teaching you how to use the natural language of your memory.  A simple yet often overlooked tool, a trained memory helps you engage in more personal conversations and boost confidence. Participants will see immediate results that they put to use right away to help them grow and retain their value.

Andy Core


Andy Core’s primary focus is understanding, “why do we not change when we know it is the right thing to do?”  Specifically, he addresses how to overcome the barriers sabotaging your motivation to living healthier and achieving better work-life balance. Andy has a master’s degree in the science of human performance and performed research, and understands how men and women respond to stress, stress testing, and what it takes to change your health behaviors for the better. Over the last 17 years, Andy has contributed to improving the overall health of some of America’s most successful companies as well as some of our most unhealthy communities.  Combining the high-energy style of a stand-up comic, stories from his experience a successful wellness consultant, and the latest research, Core will ignite your motivation and show you how to execute a better way of life.


Leading Through Change
How to lead others (and yourself) to excel under stress

Wednesday, June 28, 8:15 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Leading Through Change provides three key ideas and a formula to help you improve productivity, service and morale when you need it most. First, you will gain the research and a template to effectively employ the #1 way to improve employee engagement.  Second, you gain a deeper understanding of how people react to the challenges of peak seasons and how you can help them maintain high energy and positivity throughout. Third, you will learn how the research in stress can help you better lead the discussion around change at your organization.  Finally, you will leave with a formula to better understand why people often don’t do what they should and could do to improve and four steps to move them in the right direction.  By learning to Lead Through Change you can energize your teams and yourself no matter what gets thrown at you.