FICP Annual Conference Begins in:




Monday, November 13

2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Financial Services Meetings Forecast Fireside Chat

Nick Sargen, Sr. Vice President, Chief Economist and Sr. Investment Advisor, Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.

As a follow up to the industry-focused keynote on Monday morning, join the mainstage panelists for a more intimate discussion and ask questions to increase your understanding of the financial & insurance state of the industry.


Getting a Grip on Remote Teams

Wayne Turmel, Co-Founder, Remote Leadership Institute
CMP-IS Domain E: Human Resources

Nobody planned for the way we work today. Whether you have full-time team members who work in other locations, or people who telework one day per week, your team dynamics have changed. What can you do as a leader to keep your team connected and productive? In this lively and interactive session, you’ll learn how working remotely is –and isn’t—different from the way we’ve always worked and how trust is impacted in a remote team. You’ll start thinking about how technology can help- or hurt—your team’s relationships. Before the session, you’ll be asked to take a simple team assessment, so you’re prepared to contribute, share and participate fully in our time together. By the end you’ll identify action items to take back to your team and immediately implement. Don’t miss this honest and engaging chance to assess your team’s current communication behaviors, and identify action steps to improve the way your team works together, even when they’re not together.


It's All a Negotiation

Ann Luketic, Marketing Event Specialist, Progressive Insurance
CMP-IS Domain D: Financial Management

Get a leg up on negotiating your contracts with this interactive session. Learn the questions that you need to ask to prioritize your needs and wants, walk through preparation for understanding your partner’s goals and your own goals, and complete a values exercise to determine what your organization’s most important factors are when planning a meeting or event to ensure your contracts are a win for you in these areas.

Idea Exchanges

FICP Idea Exchanges will allow you to dive deep into specific topics with fellow meetings professionals and hospitality partners, using peer coaches to drive discussion and capture takeaways.

Risk Management and Crisis Planning

CMP-IS Domain C: Risk Management

Featuring: Shelley Zimmerman, Police Chief, City of San Diego, San Diego Police Department
Risk management is one of the most relevant topics today. Hear from fellow attendees on what has changed in their risk plans over the last few years and how they are tackling a plan for crisis.

Strategic Meetings Management Best Practices

CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic Planning

This idea exchange type session will give attendees the chance to chat through processes and measurement of their strategic meeting planning efforts. Topics will include: templates and models, accountability, cohesion, recognizing opportunities to adjust a plan and more.

Technology Case Studies: What Are We Using?

CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

FICP Planner members will share their implementation successes and technology challenges in this idea exchange session. Case studies may include: mobile apps for events, polling and audience response software, registration systems and more.

3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.


Creating a Best-in-Class Team

Crystal Neubauer, AVP, Education and Events, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.
CMP-IS Domain E: Human Resources

Leaders need to be in tune with the goals of their team members in order to help them develop in their careers and build a stronger unit for the organization. Learn some tips and tricks for activities to ensure role clarity amongst your team, create meaningful career conversations, and understand what motivates your people to keep them growing (and how to make that information work for you!).


Powerful Communication

Annette Gregg, Vice President – Corporate West, AlliedPRA

Take some time to get back to basics on the power of written and verbal communication. This session will include tips for clarifying and portraying key messages, ideas for fixing common habits that detract from effective communication, and strategies for thinking quickly and choosing words that will influence outcomes.


Understanding Your Financial Health

We work in the financial and insurance industries, but do we know the measure of our own financial health? Join this discussion featuring an expert financial planner to learn the steps you should be taking to control your own journey, from retirement planning to caring for an elderly parent. This is a great opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of your companies’ customers and the agents you work with. Session topics include what terms are used most frequently, what issues are most relevant in today’s society, and what support does a financial planner or life insurance provider truly provide?

Idea Exchanges

FICP Idea Exchanges will allow you to dive deep into specific topics with fellow meetings professionals and hospitality partners, using peer coaches to drive discussion and capture takeaways.

International Meetings and World Risk

CMP-IS Domain C: Risk Management

Learn what your peers are doing in regards to international meetings in today's uncertain world. What trends are we seeing in the hosptality and travel industries that can help protect our event participants while keeping them safe? What new steps are planners taking to ensure that the value of international meetings is still there when a company may be concerned about perception or risk? Join this session to hear from fellow planners who manage global programs.

What's Hot in Gifts and Amenities

CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

From creating  experiences to customization, the latest in Gifts and Amenities for your event attendees are focused on personalized attention. Learn what others are doing at their companies to make a splash and be memorable.

ROI and ROE - Communicating Up

CMP-IS Domain F: Stakeholder Management

The importance of communicating your ROI analysis of your meetings and events to your stakeholders has never been higher. Learn ideas to translate your analysis to the various lines of business types you work with (legal teams, financial teams, CEOs), tips for hosting a "voice of the customer" meeting early in the process to get their buy in early and planning the right types of communication to get noticed and create change.

Tuesday, November 14

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Beyond Digital: Competing in the Age of Automation

Debra Jasper, Founder and CEO, Mindset Digital
CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic Planning

Mobile, custom, fast and easy. That's what it takes to meet the demands of today's digital consumer. But recognizing this isn't nearly enough. This fast-moving session will examine what savvy companies are doing now to earn clients' attention—and more important—loyal. Debra will discuss three key mandates for winning over increasingly hard-to-impress client and how to shift from average to all-star in today’s digital arena. This takes more than clever marketing or even a presence on all of the latest channels. To survive, businesses need to adapt. This session will “connect the dots” and help illustrate how new technologies—and changing consumer expectations—are driving innovation.


The Brain Science of Engagement and Influence: Creating Impactful Events

Dr. Brynn Winegard, Principal, Winegard & Company
Represented by: National Speakers Bureau
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

The human brain controls everything about how we each perceive, receive, process, think, react, relate, engage with, and understand all of our experiences. The experiences that we remember, that stick with us, that take on meaning for us, and are ultimately impactful in our lives have something in common: they activate our brains on multiple levels, specifically, the emotional, social, and subconscious levels. The challenge often is, however, that much of this content doesn’t always tickle the right parts of their audiences’ brains—we need to be ensuring that content has relevance for the parts of the brain that really make all of our decisions, process impressions, and determine our ultimate level of learning and enjoyment. In order to create more impactful events, programs, or conferences, Dr. Brynn Winegard will walk you through how the brain really functions, especially as it relates to influence, engagement, and impact by dispelling some of the common myths. This custom program will highlight the importance of activating the subconscious, social, and emotional brains, especially in the meetings and events industry, so that FICP members will feel better equipped to plan and curate more engaging, influential and impactful events. 


Mainstage Behind the Scenes

Jennifer Ashburn, VDA Productions
CMP-IS Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Get behind the scenes at the FICP Annual Conference with VDA Productions! This session will not only feature some “wow factor” elements you can consider for your own meetings and events, but will provide a hands-on learning approach to best practices in working with your production team on mainstage design and management.


Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief = Win: A Fighter Pilot's Secret to Business Success

Afterburner, Inc.
CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic Planning

Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief. In just four simple steps your team can improve execution AND stay one step ahead of the competitive rate of change in your industry. The Afterburner team of current and former U.S fighter pilots understands how critical it is to execute in hostile, fast-changing environments every single day. Find immediate business relevance and inspire your team to achieve forward-looking, mission-oriented goals. When failure is not an option, it's time for Flawless Execution. You can't always control the competition or predict the demands of your customers, but you will learn how to overcome these threats to maintain the flexibility they need to succeed in an uncertain environment.

1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Conquering Unconscious Bias

Annette Gregg, Vice President – Corporate West, AlliedPRA
CMP-IS Domain E: Human Resources

Because it is universal, unconscious bias impacts the workplace at all levels. Everyone has biases due to the way the brain is hardwired. Unconscious bias directly affects not only who gets hired, developed and promoted but also the ability of a team to be high performing, the effectiveness of leadership decision making, the health or lack thereof of an organization’s culture, and ultimately, the success of an organization as a whole. Come join an open discussion about how to uncover hidden bias and take steps to solve it for a healthier, more diverse workplace.


Handling Conflict When the Stakes are High

CMP-IS Domain F: Stakeholder Management

We’ve all been there: an issue arises onsite and you are tasked to solve the problem. How do you stay calm while showing a sense of urgency? What should you communicate to the executive who may be upset with a situation? How do you recover when things don’t go the way you intended them to? Learn ways to not only handle conflict, but come out on top through this real-life, scenario-based session.


The Power of Authenticity

Mike Robbins, Author, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

Authenticity is fundamental to relationships, communication and success – for individuals, teams and organizations. Now more than ever, people, leaders and groups must utilize the power of authenticity in order to build trust, resolve conflicts and create cohesion. Although it can be counter-intuitive, some fascinating research in the fields of social psychology and emotional intelligence is proving that being real, honest and even vulnerable are key elements to individual and group success and engagement.  Through this program, which is based on the core principles of his book, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, Mike Robbins illustrates exactly how authenticity impacts relationships, trust, and productivity.


The Tao of Innovation: Creativity, Risk Tolerance, and Problem Solving

Joel Zeff, CEO, Joel Zeff Creative
Represented by: Rave Reviews Speakers & Entertainment

CMP-IS Domain A: Strategic Planning

Innovation isn’t a spontaneous occurrence. Innovation is often the result of individual creativity and initiative, as well as a tolerance for the risk that enables such change. Joel’s interactive presentation makes the argument that none of these can occur as effectively without the element of fun that enables risk. When coworkers have fun together, they are more likely to create ideas together, solve problems together and build great success together. Participants learn how to stay in the game, work in the moment, and help each other be successful by asking themselves a very important question: “How may I help the people around me become more successful?”

Designed to provide a focused and well-rounded experience, FICP education centers around seven areas of interest:

Meeting Planning Solutions: Sessions will focus on the day-to-day responsibilities of the meeting professional, highlighting best practices, efficiencies and creative ideas.

Meeting Trends and Strategic Thinking: This area of interest will dive into changes in the marketplace, providing a look into the industry now and in the future.

Professional Growth and Personal Development: Focusing on brain and physical fitness, productivity tools and more, attendees will emerge as more engaged professionals.

Technology Solutions: Sessions will address two areas: technology to aid meeting planners and technology to enhance events.

Focus on Senior Level Professionals: Designed to guide senior level professionals, sessions will focus on management skills, corporate navigation, reverse mentorship and more.

Focus on Emerging Professionals: Future leaders will be developed through sessions highlighting professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities.

Financial and Insurance Industry: Sessions in this category will provide key insights into the Financial and Insurance industry, helping meetings professionals plan for opportunities and potential changes.