Mobile App

The 2018 FICP Annual Conference app is the easiest way to stay in-the-know and to connect with fellow attendees in Orlando. These hints will help you optimize your mobile app experience.

The Meeting Zone + Recommended Connections: How-To

The app offers a Recommended Connections feature. This feature will help to connect you with fellow attendees who share similar or complementary business interests and goals. Follow the steps outlined below to complete your in-app profile, then click the Attendees tab to scroll through recommendations that have been selected for you based on your profile:

  • When completing your profile, be sure to select the interest tags that apply to you. There are four interest tags to complete, and they include things like: Types of Meetings Held/Hosted; Services Sourced/Services Offered; and more.
  • After completing your profile, select the Attendee tab within the mobile app or desktop version. 
  • Click on the Recommendations tab in the upper left-hand side of the screen, then scroll through and use the Interested and Skip buttons to select who you may be interested in meeting with. 
    • Note: selecting “Interested” does not mean you must meet with this individual. Is simply helps the app platform become smarter and learn your preferences to provide better recommendations for you to meet with. 
  • You may also scroll through the attendee list, and when you see the recommended icon (resembles a horizontal 8), that indicates an attendee shares at least one of your interests.
  • Use the Recommended Connections feature to request a meeting with, or send a message to, a fellow attendee.
    • To request a meeting or message an attendee, navigate to the Attendees tab. 
    • Next, identify the attendee you would like to contact, then click the clipboard icon to request a meeting, or the email icon to send a message.
    • You can view your meeting schedule in the My Schedule tab.

Meeting Scheduling FAQ – Things are Different This Year

When should you schedule meetings? 

You can schedule meetings throughout the event, to take place in the Meeting Zone. This open-space meeting format will allow you to choose when you meet, with the exception of a few general sessions and group activity times. 

With whom can you schedule meetings?

Unlike past years, you may schedule meetings with any attendee of your choosing. That means that meetings professionals can meet with meetings professionals and hospitality partners can meet with hospitality partners. Please keep in mind, meetings between meeting professionals and hospitality partners are an important aspect of the Annual Conference. We hope you will use this new platform and the Meeting Zone to build strong and strategic relationships with fellow attendees. 

Any other rules to keep in mind?

No! Besides not being able to meeting during general sessions, you’re free to meet when and with whomever you please. No expiration rules, no meeting limits. 

What Else Should You Know?

Build Your Own Agenda

Upon registering for the 2018 FICP Annual Conference, you had a chance to select the breakout sessions you plan to attend*. These sessions will be added your My Schedule tab within the app.

To view the full agenda, click the Agenda tab.  

*Please note: Just because you selected a specific breakout session when registering, this does not mean you’re required to attend said session. FICP uses this information gathered during the registration process to plan for breakout session room sizes, etc. 

Navigate the Attendee Tab, Request Meetings and Send Messages

Complete the following steps to request meetings with, or send messages to, fellow attendees:

  1. Click the Attendees tab within the mobile app or in the desktop portal.
  2. Use the search bar to search for a specific individual, filter by various criteria on the left-hand side of the tab, or browse the list for the Recommended Connection icon, indicating that you share at least one interest with an attendee. 
  3. To request a meeting, click the clipboard icon next to the name of the person with whom you wish to meet. Be sure to specify a subject line, message and meeting location. Next, select the timeslot during which you wish to meet and click Request.
  4. To send a message, click the mail icon next to the name of the person whom you wish to message. Be sure to specify a subject line, complete your message and press Send.  

Get Competitive with the Mobile App Game

Compete with fellow attendees for points and prizes in the mobile app game. Click here, or select the Mobile App Game tab within the app, for information on how to earn points. 

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