Mobile App

The 2019 FICP Annual Conference app is the easiest way to stay in-the-know and to connect with fellow attendees in Austin. These hints will help you optimize your mobile app experience.

To download the app, search FICP in your providers app store and select the FICP app. You can also access a desktop version of the app here:

You can log into the app by using the email address with which you registerd for the Annual Conference and password Annual19. 

Recommended Connections: How-To

The app offers a Recommended Connections feature. This feature will help to connect you with fellow attendees who share similar or complementary business interests and goals. Follow the steps outlined below to complete your in-app profile, then click the Attendees tab to scroll through recommendations that have been selected for you based on your profile:

  • When completing your profile, be sure to select the interest tags that apply to you. There are four interest tags to complete, and they include things like: Types of Meetings Held/Hosted; Services Sourced/Services Offered; and more.
  • After completing your profile, select the Attendee tab within the mobile app or desktop version. 
  • Click on the Recommendations tab in the upper left-hand side of the screen, then scroll through and use the Interested and Skip buttons to select who you may be interested in meeting with. 
    • Note: selecting “Interested” does not mean you must meet with this individual. Is simply helps the app platform become smarter and learn your preferences to provide better recommendations for you to meet with. 
  • You may also scroll through the attendee list, and when you see the recommended icon (resembles a horizontal 8), that indicates an attendee shares at least one of your interests.

What's the Deal with Meeting Spots? 

New in 2019! In response to past-attendee feedback, FICP is pleased to introduce Meeting Spots. This year, attendees can use the mobile app, text, email, etc., to contact meetings professionals and hospitality partners they wish to connect with in Austin, and agree on a time to meet. Then, you can use the Meeting Spots to find someone you’ve never met before heading to another spot for your discussion. This networking time is intended for individual or business meetings only.

When Can You Hold Meetings?

Attendees are free to meet whenever they choose during the Annual Conference, with the exception of general sessions and during the Meetings Professionals Exchange and the HP-only Session. When planning your networking, please keep FICP’s events policy in mind; non-FICP organized events are not permitted from the opening of registration on Sunday through the close of the general session on Wednesday.

Where are the Meeting Spots?

Looking to schedule a meeting with someone while at the Annual? Here’s our list of recommended Meeting Spots locations. These locations will also be listed on the back of your conference badge.

Lobby Level

  • Hotel lobby furniture
  • Dining & Restaurants
    • Fulton
    • Good Things
    • Revue

2nd Floor

  • Meeting Spot #1, Foyer

3rd Floor

  • Meeting Spot #2, Foyer

4th Floor

  • Meeting Spot #3, Foyer
  • Meeting Spot #4, Wisteria Meeting Room

5th Floor

  • Meeting Spot #5, Foyer
  • Meeting Spot #6, Foyer
  • Meeting Spot #7, Foyer

*All spots are first come, first served

What Else Should You Know?

Navigate the Attendee Tab and Send Messages

Complete the following steps to send messages to fellow attendees:

  1. Click the Attendees tab within the mobile app or in the desktop portal.
  2. Use the search bar to search for a specific individual, filter by various criteria on the left-hand side of the tab, or browse the list for the Recommended Connection icon, indicating that you share at least one interest with an attendee. 
  3. To send a message, click the mail icon next to the name of the person whom you wish to message. Be sure to specify a subject line, complete your message and press Send.  

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