Meeting Planner Solutions

Meeting Planner Solutions


Educational content focuses on the day-to-day responsibilities of the meeting planner, highlighting best practices, efficiencies and creative ideas.

Archived Resources

Financial Services & Insurance Executive Panel - Industry Update (2016 Winter Symposium)

Building the Right Ambiance for Networking & Business Events (2015 Annual Conference)

ROI: Homegrown Solutions (2015 Annual Conference)

The Latest on Compliance: What You Need to Know (2015 Annual Conference)

The New Reality of Photography and Media at Events (2015 Annual Conference)

Site Visit Checklist (2015 Annual Conference)

Innovation in Teambuilding (2015 Winter Symposium)

Point/Counterpoint: The Lawyers Debate Today’s Hottest Contract Issues (2014 Education Forum)

Gluten Free Planning (2014 Fall Symposium)

Planners’ Exchange Notes – Accessible by planner members only (2014 Annual Conference)

Ten Components of Emergency Action Plans (2012 Education Forum)

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