FICP History

FICP History

FICP: Experienced Meeting Professionals

Originally founded as the Insurance Conference Planners Association (ICPA) in 1957, the association has been inviting hospitality industry representatives to the Annual Meeting session since 1977 when suppliers had to be members of HSMAI. The joint portion of the ICPA Annual Meeting was costed on a joint basis. An agreement between ICPA & HSMAI outlined how the revenue less expenses was divided equally between the two associations. HSMAI handled its onsite registration – providing registration packets to their members and providing staffing during the registration day. Hospitality attendees also had to be current dues paying members of HSMAI to be considered to attend the ICPA Annual Meeting.


In 1989, the board felt that the volume of administrative services required to support the association in a professional manner had increased substantially and was no longer able to be supported by individual board members. Therefore, the board voted to hire the services of paid administrative staff to execute the day-to-day functions of the association.


In January 1991, the ICPA Board of Directors voted to sever the administrative relationship with the HSMAI headquarters for the ICPA Annual Meeting. ICPA assumed administrative responsibility for the entire Annual Meeting.

In January 1993, the ICPA Board of Directors suggested that a Hospitality Partner Committee be formed from interested hospitality partners who were listed on the HP database. This committee was formed with a Chairperson and five members at large, each who serve a term of three years. This committee, referred to as the HPC, assists the ICPA Board of Directors in ensuring representation of the hospitality partners (suppliers) regarding the joint portion of the Annual Meeting.

In 1995, the board elected to move the Educational Seminar to a summer timeslot and change its name to FORUM. A trial period of three years was granted.

The board and the Executive Director determined in January 1996 that the association had outgrown the office located in the Executive Director's home. The following month, ICPA entered into a three-year office lease at 106 - 260 W. Esplanade, North Vancouver, and BC Canada V7M 3G7, with an option to renew (which was eventually exercised) for a further two-year lease period.

In 1998, following the June FORUM, the board voted to continue the FORUM indefinitely.


In 2000, ICPA agreed to charge a $150 administrative fee to those hospitality partners who wish to register on the HP Mail List. Up to that point, the association did not charge a fee to be included on the HP Mail List. However, there was a fee for HPers to “buy” a meeting planner membership roster.

In January 2002, ICPA extended its lease agreement at the same location for a five-year period. On May 1, 2004, ICPA moved to 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. The building space was subleased in July 2004.

In May 2014, ICPA moved to 330 N Wabash Ave.