Speaker Spotlight: Planner Member Edition

FICP Annual Conference Begins in:



Speaker Spotlight: Planner Member Edition

Planner Member Speakers

Get to know the planner members who will be presenting during breakout sessions! 

Heidi Bianchi

Jennfier Dela-Cruz, CMP

Crystal Neubauer, CPLP

Jennifer Squeglia, CMP

Why are you excited to speak at the FICP Annual Conference?

SQUEGLIA: I love to start a great discussion (and include the audience) where we all learn from each other, starting with the amazing knowledge and talent from the panelists.

BIANCHI: I find the attendees amazing. Everyone going wants to learn, grow and get better at their job — they are always willing to help each other out and share information.

NEUBAUER: I’m passionate about helping others become more successful!

DELA-CRUZ: The launch of my organization's mobile app was quick, but done carefully. Sharing this experience with my peers in the industry hopefully will help others make their events even better with technology.

What would attendees be surprised to learn about you?

BIANCHI: I love to play tennis for fun and I read a book a week.  My family owns a farm in Half Moon Bay, Calif., and supplied produce for the 2016 Education Forum at The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay!

DELA-CRUZ: I used to play the clarinet.

SQUEGLIA: I am a big sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters. I started over 20 years ago and am just about to start my second run as a big sister here in Rhode Island.

NEUBAUER: That I’m not wired to be an event planner! Details and logistics make my brain hurt — but big picture things and vision-casting give me energy!

What is the one thing you hope attendees will learn from your presentation?

BIANCHI: Productivity is not a one size fits all. Delegation and saying "no" is okay — being productive means you need to take time for yourself, as well.

NEUBAUER: As event planners, we know the value that we bring our organizations, but aren’t always great at communicating that value to our organization, or finding ways to add value. I want attendees to walk away with great ideas they can take back to accomplish these things!

DELA-CRUZ: Don’t be afraid of technology.

SQUEGLIA: I hope they will find valuable takeaways on food and beverage that will help them “wow” their attendees at future events and please their stakeholders by staying on budget.

Headed to the FICP Annual Conference in Nashville? Mark these sessions in your agenda:

Heidi Bianchi, Director Events Marketing, Silicon Valley Bank, presents on Efficiency Planning: Streamlining for Productivity on Thursday, November 10

Jennifer Dela-Cruz, CMP, Director, Meetings & Events, Brand Marketing, RBC, presents All About Apps on Thursday, November 10.

Crystal Neubauer, AVP, Education and Events, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., will present on Increasing Your Team’s Value to your Organization on Friday, November 11.

Jennifer Squeglia, Independent Contractor, Boston Private, will moderate the Panel Meetings 2026: F&B Planning in Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Economy on Friday, November 11.