Annual Report

2017 - The Year of Advancement

2017 was an eventful year for FICP. The organization was committed to rapidly advancing initiatives that supported its updated vision of amplifying your impact and value, while also acknowledging the accomplishments of its first 60 years. 

We ended the year with a new name - one that better reflects who we are and aspire to be, innovative new educational resources - and a new website on which to deliver them, and promising new industry partnerships - each intended to increase our influence both collectively and as individuals.

As part of our ongoing commitment to full transparency, the 2017 report also serves as FICP's primary vehicle for sharing the financial strength, stability and integrity of our association. The pages of this report highlight, but do not do justice to, the thousands of volunteer and staff hours dedicated each year to creating the programs, services and events that support FICP’s mission and allow our association to deliver value to meeting planners and hospitality partners (HPers) everywhere.

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For questions or more detail about the information included in the Annual Report, please contact FICP headquarters at (312) 245-1023.