Sunday, November 4 | 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Monday, November 5 | 8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

Tuesday, November 6 | 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. 

The FICP Experience Zone offers Annual Conference attendees hands-on training and exposure to products and attendee engagement opportunities. Talk to an expert, charge your phone or relax for a few minutes while catching up with a colleague. Featuring quick-hit education opportunities, connection opportunities with speakers, a golf experience, one-on-one lessons on social media, access to new and exciting meeting support tools and more. The Experience Zone is the place to be at the FICP Annual Conference.

Please note: the Experience Zone is closed Monday during General Session, Lunch, HP-Only Session and the Annual Business Meeting and Meetings Professionals Exchange.

Volunteer with FICP!

This year, the Experience Zone will feature information and networking opportunities to learn more about volunteering within FICP. Some ways include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving on a committee
  • Contributing to educational blog posts, interviews, and industry articles
  • Speaking at FICP events or facilitating roundtable discussions
  • Identifying executives from your organization for industry trend updates

Ask a Cvent Representative

Engage with Cvent's Vice President of Product Management Daniel Russo, who will be on hand to answer your product questions and work with you to find solutions for your organization.

Get Organized with Audrey

On Tuesday morning, bring your Outlook, productivity and app questions to the Experience Zone for some 1:1 time with FICP speaker Audrey Thomas

Brand Bar

DAHLIA+ experts Dahlia el Gazzar and Nick Borelli will focus on trend sharing and support when it comes to building your professional and personal brand, social media presence, profile reviews and more.

Google is the first place others go to learn about you. What does a search revel about your story?

If you are seeking to amp up your personal brand and online presence, our Brand Bar experts from the DAHLIA+ AGENCY are here to guide you. After a personal review you’ll learn how to create a story with differentiation and elevate and amplify your profile across the web and social media.

Our skilled professionals will introduce you to the latest trends, gadgets and platforms to ensure you have the skills to continue to build upon your brand story long after you depart #FICP18.

Practice Your Putting

PXG’s golf gurus Kim Gartner, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Events and Kelsey Hughes, Evangelist, North Florida will be available to share tips for your next golf tournament while giving you a chance to play on a putting green.

Experience Zone Education Sessions

Better Space, Better Meetings

Monday, November 5 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Janet Sperstad, CMP, Program Director, Meeting and Event Management, Madison College

Using the FICP Experience Zone as a backdrop, Janet Sperstad will explore unique ways of designing your event space to engage attendees and create a lasting impression. 

Mindful in the Moment

Tuesday, November 6 | 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Holly Duckworth, CMP, CAE, LSP, Trainer and Executive Coach

This introductory session will help you learn applied mindfulness for personal empowerment.  Meditation is one way to be mindful but it's not about living it on a meditation mat.  In this session, Holly will give you introductory meditation techniques to help you center, clear, and focus while running your meetings and events.

Experience Zone Experts

Audrey Thomas, CSP, Organized Audrey, LLC

Audrey Thomas, CSP, has been helping others for over 20 years and works with companies such as Boeing, Royal Bank of Canada, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. She has been awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation, which less than 12% of all speakers receive. Audrey has written for several organizations, including The Business Journal and UnitedHealthcare.  Her goal with every audience is to leave them better than she found them. Audrey lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When she’s not working, she loves being Nana to the four “littles” in her life.  Her hobbies include traveling, target shooting and deleting email.


Dahlia el Gazzar, DAHLIA+ Agency

Dahlia has an OMG-attitude about tech and practical solutions. With more than a decade of experience in the meetings industry, Dahlia has held roles on the planner side as well as on the supplier side. She has been known in the events industry as the 'go-to' source for tech news, social media advice and solutions for the busy event professionals. Her mission is to untether the busy professional from their desktop and office, and have them be more efficient and productive working from a beach in Mexico with an umbrella drink through their mobile device and smart solutions and apps. 

She is also an Evernote aficionado, and she speaks internationally on event technology, new-and-upcoming technology, and more to help empower event professionals with practical intel on everything event tech related, and digital innovation when it comes to their meetings and events. She wants you to break the status quo and make the shift happen!

Daniel Russo, Vice President of Product Management, Cvent 

Daniel is Vice President of Product Management at Cvent, leading all things Enterprise and Technology partnerships. Prior to the merger, Daniel lead the product management department with responsibility for all Lanyon products.

Daniel has a wealth of experience and knowledge running successful software products and product organizations. During the first 10 years of his career, he managed engineering teams (and was a programmer himself), before moving over to Product Management where he has spent his last 10 years. Before Lanyon he was at Tektronix Communications, a division of Danaher, where he was responsible for the Customer Experience and Mobile Advertising product lines.  In 2005 he founded SendUsOff.com, a travel registration platform that provided honeymoon registries, wedding websites, and sold destination tours and activities. 

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP, Trainer and Executive Coach   

Holly Duckworth is a trailblazing keynote speaker and mindful advisor. Contributor to the New York Times and countless meetings industry publications she works with stressed-out meeting professionals to create, peace, presence, and profits. Our world has become mind less. Through mindfulness training Holly works with you to know what mindfulness is, what it is not.  Then apply your mindfulness techniques to produce more productive and profitable meetings. 



Janet Sperstad, CMP, Program Director, Meeting and Event Management, Madison College 

Janet Sperstad’s professional history reflects her lifelong vocation: driving excellence in meeting and event management execution and education. She has dedicated her career to defining the competencies and career pathways that articulate meeting planning as a design discipline requiring skills in the social sciences, executive leadership, and the cognitive sciences. Her contributions are global in scope androoted in over 25 years as a meeting professional and executive leader in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Ms. Sperstad has been employed by a Fortune 500 global company, a statewide association, and owned a professional event management firm.

She currently leads Madison College’s Meeting and Event Management Associate degree program, which she founded in 2002 and recently been selected as Competency Model Champion from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Nick Borelli, President and Strategist, Borelli Strategies

Every  action  Nick  Borelli  takes  professionally  is  to  fulfill  his  mission:  “Improving  live  experiences  for  attendees  by  supporting  and  advancing  event  professionals  globally”.  Nick  is  the  President  and  Strategist  of  Borelli  Strategies  and  has  been  in  the  event  industry  since he  was  14  years  old.  He  specializes  in  digital  marketing  strategies  through  consulting,  coaching,  and  brand  communication  management  for  events  and  event  companies.He  speaks  internationally  on  a  range  of  topics  both  from  his  professional  focus  (live  experience  marketing  and  activations)  as  well  as  industry  hot  buttons  (diversity,  pricing  transparency,  and  association  leadership).  In  2018  alone  he  gave  over  100  educational  presentations  to  event  professionals.  In  2018,  Nick  adopted  a  panel  inclusion  rider which  states  that  planners  who  book  him  must  do  everything  in  their  power  to  make  panel  diversity  a  priority  before  he  will  contribute  to  their  discussions.Nick  has  been  awarded  the  International  Live  Events  Association's  Esprit  Award  for  International  Volunteer  of  the  Year,  Cleveland  Business  Connects  magazine’s  Networking  Star  of  the  Year,  Smart  Business  Magazine’s  Social  Media  Impact  Award,  and  the  ISES  WOW  Award  for  Best  Marketing  Campaign  over  $75,000.  In  June  2018,  Nick  was  named  one  of  Meetings Net's  Game  Changers  for  his  work  in  advocating  for  the  advancement  of  the  events  industry.  He  has  held  multiple  positions  with  the  International  Live  Events  Association  (ILEA)  including  International  Marcom  Chair,  Chair  of  Digital  Strategy,  Midwest  Brand  Champion,  ISES  Live  Conference  Technology  Chair  as  well  as  Cleveland  Chapter  VP  of  Communication  and  President.  Nick  is  the  Chair  of  Public  Relations  and  Marketing  for  the  SEARCH  Foundation,  is  on  the  Advisory  Council  for  the  Student  Event  Planners  Association  and  has  contributed  to  Event  Manager  Blog.